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Game Thread Twins @ Indians 9/15/19 12:10 PM CDT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:45 PM
Good morning Twin fans! The Twins go for the sweep against Cleveland this afternoon. The Twins swept a day-night doubleheader to take a 5...

Front Page: Suspension Shouldn’t Factor into Potential Pi...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:07 PM
Michael Pineda's current contract with the Twins will end with him under suspension. So his comeback season was tainted and this is the e...

Front Page: Is It Time for a New Bullpen Paradigm?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:43 AM
As the season winds down there has been some talk about Taylor Roger’s ineffectiveness when pitching in back to back games. A quick glanc...


Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:37 AM
That nice 6.5 game lead is down to 4 and the Twins face good pitching in their next four scheduled games. I do believe it is very possibl...

Front Page: Will Minnesota Get Raided This Off-Season?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:14 AM
It can’t be argued that Minnesota is having one of their best seasons in the Target Field era. Rocco Baldelli and his coaching staff have...

Twins and Losses


T&L Supershow ep. 58

Posted by Twins and Losses , 27 March 2018 · 671 views
minnesota twins, jorge polanco and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Brand new Supershow!

In preparation of Opening Day this Thursday, Dan and Panda called in reinforcements and got a who's who of guests to give their predictions on the 2018 Minnesota Twins!

Marc Mastel, William Bohl (A Wolf Among Wolves), Tony Abbott & Joe Bouley (Hockey Wilderness), Cody Christie & John Bonnes (Twins Daily), Jim Sannes (numbe...


New Team, New Sponsorship

Posted by Twins and Losses , 21 March 2018 · 1,200 views
jake odorizzi, minnesota twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Athletes and sponsorships go together like peanut butter and ladies. After recovering from the ultra-successful campaigns of Tinactin and Gold Bond, Odor Eaters has finally stepped out of the shadows; and one of the newest Twins’ pitchers is the benefactor.

Between the usual Sheboygan Sausage and Kwik Trip commercials this season on FSN, expect to see J...


T&L Supershow ep. 57

Posted by Twins and Losses , 13 March 2018 · 582 views
tim lincecum, lance lynn and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
New show! Dan and Panda find all of the stories that you need to know, or may have missed, over the last couple weeks! The guys give you their opinions on Tim Lincecum, De Leon's injury, Lance Lynn, smart FO moves by Falvine, NoLOLasco to the Royals, and Moose back in baby blue! Download/stream here: https://www.spreaker...osses-supershow


T&L Supershow ep 56

Posted by Twins and Losses , 27 February 2018 · 570 views
eric hosmer, jake odorizzi and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Hi friends! We have a new show for you.

Chargois, Odorizzi, Aybar, and LoMo are on the docket for Twins topics. We also brought in Sean to talk about Eric Hosmer going to SD (pukes everywhere) and what that means for the Royals going forward.

Check out this show, and all other shows using the link below, or search "Twins And Losses Supershow" on iTune...


Twins And Losses Supershow ep. 55

Posted by Twins and Losses , 13 February 2018 · 482 views
tim lincecum, mn twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Oh you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody!

Dan and Panda are back, talking about Ervin Santana's finger surgery, what the starting rotation might look like now that Yu Darvish has signed, why we might be without baseball in 2020, and that the Twins should sign a healthy Tim Lincecum.

Check out the newest episode on Spreaker, iTunes, Google Pla...


Twins And Losses Supershow 54 - Slow News Day

Posted by Twins and Losses , 30 January 2018 · 581 views
glen perkins, minnesota twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
New show! Glen Perkins' retirement, Yu Darvish, more potential MLB rules changes, the MLB HoF, and more! https://www.spreaker...w-episode-54-sl


T&L Supershow ep. 53

Posted by Twins and Losses , 16 January 2018 · 687 views
twins and losses, mn wild and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
We're back! Episode 53 is available for you to ingest right now!

This week Dan and Panda cover all of the recent MLB free agency moves, along with what the Twins have been up to.

Then they take a trip to the local retirement home and break out #OldFriend Barry Campbell to talk about the Minnesota Wild, and answer a thousand fan questions that you sent...


T&L Supershow ep 52

Posted by Twins and Losses , 02 January 2018 · 565 views
twins and losses, minnesota twins and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
Happy New Year! We're back with a brand new episode to ring in the new year. This week Dan and Panda talk about TV shows, Dan's complaints with Star Wars fans, and the terrible news regarding Miguel Sano.



T&L Supershow ep. 51

Posted by Twins and Losses , 19 December 2017 · 828 views
twins and losses, 4d podcasts and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
This week on the Supershow, free agency is finally starting to show some life. Dan and Panda give their opinions on the signings of a couple free agent pitchers, and also cover what’s been happening across all of baseball. They even find a way to talk about former MLB Brian Wilson (sans beard).



Twins And Losses Supershow ep. 50

Posted by Twins and Losses , 05 December 2017 · 821 views
twins and losses, minnesota twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Dan and Panda are back with a bunch of baseball talk. Pretty sweet for December, yeah?

We talk about the vacant managerial position at AAA, the Twins' hiring of Masa Abe, whether the Twins have a shot at Darvish or Ohtani (we know the answer to one at least), why some Twins fans suck, and whether or not we should let steroid users into the Hall of Fame....