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Should they stay or should they go?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:40 PM
My Twins trade deadline primer is up:    http://www.todaysknu...-likely-traded/   Love to hear the community's thoughts on...

Cape Cod League

Other Baseball Today, 01:40 PM
I have a chance to go see a game in the Cape Cod League this holiday weekend. Has anyone here been, and got any tips to share?   I s...

Tracking Arcia

Other Baseball Today, 01:39 PM
I have loyally followed the Twins since the late eighties. My father would tell stories of Harmon Killebrew while I watched Ron Coomer le...

Article: Long-Term Woes

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:38 PM
This year's Minnesota Twins team is bad. Like, most losses in baseball bad. Like, less than half as many wins (25) as the Texas Rangers (...

Article: Game Thread: Twins v Rangers, 7/1 @ 7:10pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:13 PM
The worst team in the American League will be taking on the best team in the American League. It’s the 15th seed vs. the 1st seed. If thi...

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"I've Got A Problem Here..."

Posted by Twins and Losses , 28 June 2016 · 374 views

"I've Got A Problem Here..." Red Squadron was the legendary flight of X-Wing pilots who fought in the Battle of Yavin. Red Squadron featured the likes of Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, and Jek Porkins. While two of those three went on to have exceptional careers with the Rebellion, mostly because the rest of them were blown up, one memorable member crashed and burned on the surface...


“Don’t Worry, Everything’s Gonna Be Fine. Trust Me!”

Posted by Twins and Losses , 17 May 2016 · 351 views
paul molitor, terry ryan and 3 more...
“Don’t Worry, Everything’s Gonna Be Fine. Trust Me!” #FireMollie #FireRyan #TotalSystemFailure

All of these lovely hashtags have been making the rounds with the Twins off to a lackluster start to the season. Lots of opinions, ideas, and ways to fix the Twins have been floated around by casual fans, up to legitimate Twins writers. Today, we’re going to tackle the #FireMollie and #FireRyan crew.

My bigges...


Twins and Losses Supershow Episode 10: This One Goes to Eleven

Posted by Twins and Losses , 10 May 2016 · 165 views

This week the boys invade Thompson Home Studio with producer Stubby J (Three Guys Talking, Ring General Radio). They break down their favorite NL teams, Bartolo Colon’s homer, and rant about manners on the internet.

Brandon Warne – Journalist joins Dan and Panda this week to break down the current status of the woeful Minnesota Twins.

Download or stream...


The Hometown 9 in, "A Fistful of Baseballs"

Posted by Twins and Losses , 03 May 2016 · 257 views
oswaldo arcia, joe mauer and 3 more...
The Hometown 9 in, "A Fistful of Baseballs" Daniel and I are huge fans of the television show, “Community.” Outside of the former “Top Gear,” it’s the show we watch the most when we hang out. Since the current Minnesota Twins team is a bunch of underachieving misfits (sans Mauer, Park, and a few others), we decided to compare current and recent Twins players as some of your favorite faces at Greend...


Twin and Losses Supershow Episode 9: The Other Side of the Fence

Posted by Twins and Losses , 26 April 2016 · 274 views

Twin and Losses Supershow Episode 9: The Other Side of the Fence Panda and Daniel break down their favorite NL teams, the current state of the woeful Twins, and discuss the passing of a Minnesota icon.

Download or stream today's show off Spreaker, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts. Part of the The 4D Podcast Network.


Outside the Head of Nunez

Posted by Twins and Losses , 19 April 2016 · 491 views
eduardo nunez, joe mauer and 2 more...
Outside the Head of Nunez Photo by Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

It’s finally happened: the Minnesota Twins have remembered how to hit.

Like a bear awakening from it’s winter slumber, the Twins offense seems to have lumbered out of it den, scratched it’s stomach a few times, yawned and proceeded to go about its business. That business seems to be winning.
One bear in particular seem...


“Carlos Nolasco: Ricky, or Richard?”

Posted by Twins and Losses , 05 April 2016 · 344 views
ricky nolasco, mn twins and 1 more...
“Carlos Nolasco: Ricky, or Richard?” Ricky Nolasco hasn’t made many friends in Twins Territory over the past few seasons.
Have you forgotten some of the reasons why? Well for starters; this , and lets not forget this gem to start
to season.

Not to mention Ricky has been underwhelming during his run with the Twins. The Twins
knew what they were getting when they signed Nolasco: an average p...


The Maddoning

Posted by Twins and Losses , 22 March 2016 · 381 views
joe maddon, bryce harper and 3 more...
Spring Training 2016 has been an interesting one thus far.

While there is baseball being played on the field, it is after all, spring training baseball. Minor leaguers and non-roster invitees desperately try to cut out roster spots by showing their worth, veterans look to get themselves right for the upcoming season; and the media jumps all over the flav...


Bat Flips: More Controversial Than PEDs and The Wave?

Posted by Twins and Losses , 03 September 2015 · 1,146 views

Bat Flips: More Controversial Than PEDs and The Wave? Bat flips. Comparable to sack dances, banging into the boards after a sick goal, and holding your shooting pose after a 3 in the NFL, NHL, and NBA respectively. Why do many American baseball fans hate a good bat flip?

I’m not talking about the weak bat flips (tosses) you see on your TVs from time to time. I’m talking about a true show with flourish. T...


Roaring Back To Relevance (Guest Post: @marcosMN)

Posted by Twins and Losses , 13 May 2015 · 651 views
torii hunter, byron buxton and 3 more...
Roaring Back To Relevance (Guest Post: @marcosMN) In a season which began with about as many ups and downs as can be imagined, our favorite MLB team has inexplicably soared back in to relevance, at least for the time being.

The offseason was as interesting as can be expected from a Terry Ryan-led club can be. A hometown Hall-of-Famer was brought in to captain the ship. A former fan favorite was brought...