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Willians Astudillo Optioned

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:46 PM
Willians Astudillo was optioned after Sunday's game. So far I've only seen scout report this, but it looks to be true. It was fun having...

Twins Need Sellers

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:38 PM
It's June 23 and it's interesting across the MLB fruited plain.    Looking at the standings... There are only 7 clear sellers a...

Dallas Keuchel tracker

Other Baseball Today, 01:15 PM
Keuchel made his Atlanta debut last Friday 6/21.     5IP 8H 4R 3ER 1HR 3SO and 2 hit batters   If you were expecting...

Twins sign reliever Cody Allen to minor league deal

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:38 PM
He's 30. He sucked really badly this year with The Angels. (1.913 WHIP, 6.26 ERA) But he's just 2 years removed from being stellar. Maybe...

Article: Minnesota Twins 2019 MLB Draft Signing Tracker

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 12:25 PM
Now that the 2019 MLB Draft is behind us, it is time to sit back and wait for news on when each of the 41 picks will either sign or decid...


Notes from Elizabethton

Posted by tarheeltwinsfan , 01 August 2018 · 708 views

Notes from Elizabethton I spent an afternoon and evening there yesterday, The GM, Mike Mains, could not have been nicer. He gave me free access and took me around the field and clubhouse. Here are some random observations.1) One member of the organization (not Mike Mains) told me that this was the best group of players, both in skills and in character, in 16 years. 2) There were 8 to 10 scouts there (and based on what I saw, they were not there to see the Bristol Pirates players. The night before in Johnson City, there were 3 to 4 scouts to see the Cardinals and the Braves. Not sure what, if anything that says, but I found it interesting. I talked to a Brewers scout and without looking at any of his notes, he readily gave me the numbers for Trevor Larnach, Yunior Severino, Chris Williams and Ricky De La Torre. 3) A Twins coach said that Severino hit a ball over the light poles at Johnson City that week. 4) In batting practice balls hit by Williams andLarnach just sounded crisper than when others hit the ball. 5) Josh Windsor had a no hitter through 4 with only 1 BB, He allowed 1 hit in the 5th and was removed after 5. It was a planned move, because I talked to Moises Gomez, who told me before the game that he was scheduled "to pitch tonight". 6) I was in the dressing room while the players had a pregame meal about 4 pm for a 6 pm game. The menu was outstanding...skinless chicken breasts, diced roasted sweet potatoes, and cut up fresh cantaloupe and water melon..The strength and conditioning coach, Chuck Bradway,(he has a masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa and extensive experience in this area of conditioning, and who looked to be in top shape himself) was in charge of the meals. After the game, a post game meal was served, consisting of Lasagna and I'm not aware of the other dishes, if any. I was told that the nutritional clubhouse meals had been started several years earlier. 7)The old Washington Senators star, Jim Lemon, had coached there and was revered by long time manager Ray Smith, and long tome hitting coach, Jeff Reed. The4 coaches" lockers were labeled in large letters the following: COBB, RUTH, LEMON, and GEHRIG. 8).I met a new technical analyst, who was working on his computer. Reed told me his help was invaluable. 9) Cupping therapy was being used on several players' shoulders.Cupping increases blood flow to muscle strains and speeds healing by bringing more blood to the cupped areas. It leaves a 2 inch in diameter red circle where each cup hadbeen removed. About 4 cups were used at a time. 10) The first base coach is named Takashi Mioshi. Prior to his arrival from Japan this year, (his first year) he requested information about the history of Elisabethton and the surrounding area from the GM, so he could fit in better. 11) The Watauga River is a shallow river which flows by the Twins' stadium less that 200 yards away. Sometimes after a practice on a hot day, the players will go lie down in the shallow river to cool off and just relax. The players I met and talked with were all polite and friendly...maybe they were just a laid back bunch from the cupping and from lying in the river.

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