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LEN III breaking some news

Other Baseball Today, 05:24 PM

Wolfson: Twins Scouting Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:59 PM
  Doogie Wolfson tweeted that the Twins are going to be scouting 22-year-old RHP Yoshinobu Yamamoto, "one of the premier young pitc...

Re-Load vs. Re-Tool vs. Re-Build for 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:24 PM
The Twins certainly have options this winter now that the core has been here long enough to make some tough calls. Which is the best rout...

2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Today, 05:24 PM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!

Not to add more doom and gloom

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:34 AM
This is interesting and sort of concerning. Article snippet comes from the incomparable Jayson Stark of The Athletic (Which is must read...

Blog Twins Fan From Afar


Guys, You Weren't Supposed to be this Decent

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 25 June 2015 · 1,216 views

Community Blog Post
What a strange season. I didn't think the Twins would be playing decent baseball as the calendar switched to July. I didn't think that Byron Buxton would be up, after his essentially lost 2014 season. I didn't think Trevor May would be (as of late) the team's most dominant starting pitcher. And I sure didn't think this proverbial ragtag bunch of misfi...


Terry Ryan: Still Employed

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 30 September 2014 · 1,880 views

Community Blog Post
Kevin Correia. 23 starts. 4.94 ERA.
Johan Pino. 11 starts. 5.07 ERA.
Sam Deduno. 8 starts. 4.6 ERA.
Anthony Swarzak. 4 starts. 4.6 ERA.
Logan Darnell. 4 starts. 7.13 ERA.
Mike Pelfrey. 5 starts. 7.99 ERA.
Tommy Milone. 5 starts. 7.03 ERA.
Kris Johnson. 3 starts. 4.73 ERA.

Mike Pelfrey. 29 starts. 5.19 ERA.
Scott Diamond. 24 starts. 5.43 ERA....


So ... That Happened

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 18 September 2014 · 1,378 views
rock cats
Community Blog Post
So ... That Happened You've probably heard the news by now that the Twins are out, and the Colorado Rockies are in, as New Britain's class AA affiliate. It's been a strange few months here in Connecticut on the baseball and political fronts, culminating with yesterday's news.

Back in June , Rock Cats managing partner Josh Solomon triumphantly (and surprisingly) announced fr...


Glen Perkins: My Dead Horse

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 29 July 2014 · 1,774 views
glen perkins, trade glen perkins
Community Blog Post
Glen Perkins: My Dead Horse My article last week suggesting that the Twins trade Glen Perkins (for the right offer) is one of the most read things I've written. Although there were only a handful of comments at Twins Fan From Afar , over here at TwinsDaily there are nearly 200 comments (most of them well thought out). MLBTradeRumors also linked to the article, and it ran in the S...


Trade Glen Perkins

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 21 July 2014 · 313 views

Community Blog Post


Gardy -- He's Gotta Go

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 08 July 2014 · 644 views

Community Blog Post
If you follow me on Twitter , you probably know that something clicked -- something changed -- last night. The most thorough and comprehensive Twins beat writer, Mike Berardino, tweeted a series of quotes from Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire on player injuries. And it set me off. In fact, it might be fair to say that I freaked out. I tweeted a bunch of...


Rock Cats' Top Bats Scuffling

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 30 June 2014 · 334 views

Community Blog Post


Twins & Rock Cats' Ownership: BFFs???

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 05 June 2014 · 713 views

Community Blog Post


Rock Cats to Relocate to Hartford. Where Does that Leave the Twins?

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 04 June 2014 · 344 views

Community Blog Post


Rock Cats Report -- Including a Potential Move?

Posted by Twins Fan From Afar , 02 June 2014 · 329 views

Community Blog Post