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Moving Forward to 2015: The Roster

Posted by jtkoupal , 24 August 2014 · 724 views

As the rebuild progresses and our prospects approach readiness, there are a few moves that must be made throughout the organization.

Front Office: FIRE GM Terry Ryan: Terry Ryan is an intelligent GM, but a change at the position is needed for a couple of reasons. We need someone who can better recognize talent and we need someone who doesn't have a friendship with Manager Ron Gardenhire. Perhaps others need to be shown the door as well.

Coaching Staff: FIRE Tom Brunansky, Rick Anderson, and Scott Ullger.

Manager: FIRE Ron Gardenhire. PROMOTE Paul Molitor to Manager. Even if Gardy isn't the problem, I can tell you right now that he isn't part of the solution. We need a guy who can motivate his players to keep their heads in the game and show effort, something that lacks at times for us.

Free Agency: DO NOTHING! Just bring the kids up to play. We aren't going to win next year anyway, no need to bring in a crusty veteran to suck away plate appearances and/or innings from the kids who need them.

Look to Deal:
SP Phil Hughes (sell high. His track record is good year-bad year-good-bad. Could make sense to avoid a disaster)
SU Jared Burton
SU Casey Fien
LHP Brian Duensing

SP Mike Pelfrey
RHP Samuel Deduno OR SP Yohan Pino
SP Kris Johnson
UTIL Eduardo Nuñez (sorry, no more helmet fly-offs!)
SS Pedro Florimon

Call Up From Minors:
SP Alex Meyer
RHP Michael Tonkin
3B Miguel Sano
OF Aaron Hicks
C Josmil Pinto
P A.J. Atcher

So, basically, a roster like:

Nolasco (not going anywhere. Too much $. Plus I believe he won't be this bad forever, just needs less pressure)

Perkins (CL)

Kurt Suzuki- Starter
Josmil Pinto-backup

Joe Mauer-1B
Brian Dozier-2B
Danny Santana-SS
Miguel Sano-3B
Eduardo Escobar- Bench
Trevor Plouffe- Utility

Aaron Hicks
Jordan Schafer
Oswaldo Arcia
Chris Parmelee

Designated Hitter:
Kennys Vargas


Disagree on Ryan, he has brought a lot of talent into the system in a short amount of time. Disagree on Bruno, we have seen hitters with more variety and a mentor that teaches power hitters to maximize home run ability. Agree on DFA's except it would be both Pino and Deduno Would sign corner outfielder. As Hicks insurance traceable at the deadline. I'd also keep Hughes. Need a sixth pitcher for backup against injuries. Again tradable at deadline but also allows Nolasco to be long relief instead of starting.

I would keep Terry as well.If you fire Gardy, you don't need to worry about the friendship between the two. Canning Gardy is the move that needs to be made.


I would sub out Hughes for Milone in the rotation.I would not be trading Hughes. I get the sell high logic, but we don't need to be the A's. We have him for 2 more years at $8M a year and I think this park is perfect for him.He is a #2 starter IMO.His numbers in New York mirror a #2 or #3 if you look at his numbers out of the New Yankee stadium.4.10 ERA or so.


More or less agree on everything else.

Why fire Bruno?!?!? I don't see how the pitching failures are his fault at all...I like the way his hitters have been more aggressive and are driving the ball 

Paul Pleiss
Aug 26 2014 12:50 AM

Trading Hughes seems like a bad idea. What do you hope to get in return for him? This team needs quality pitchers NOW, not guys who can debut in the big league 3 years from now and then take their lumps.


Don't fire Bruno, or Terry Ryan, hell, you could even avoid firing Gardy if you get rid of Rick "I don't know how to caoch pitchers" Anderson.