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What Happened To Our Twinkies?

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Lots of things. We refuse to make trades at times that it's extremely appropriate to do so. We love to make trades that are unnecessary....

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No More Room in the Inn-2014

Posted by goulik , 21 August 2014 · 559 views

Last Fall, when the season was over, I began a series of three blogs saying there was no more room in the Inn as players were getting jettisoned and prospects were pushing out the AAA filler in Rochester and at the MLB level. As this year enters the last couple of weeks for the minors and approaches the waiver deadline, it is amazing to consider the sheer volume of names no longer with the Twins or Red Wings. SO, Looking back in retrospect over this past year, here are names no longer with the organisation:
Starting Pitchers:
Cole DeVries
Andrew Albers
Vance Worley
Liam Hendricks
Scott Diamond
Pedro Hernandez
Kevin Correia
PJ Walters
Nick Blackburn
Pedro Hernandez
Brooks Raley

Matt Guerrier

Jeff Clement
Ray Olmedo
Mark Sobolewski
Kendrys Morales
Jason Bartlett

Ryan Doumit
Drew Butera
Danny Lehman

Darin Mastroianni
Clete Thomas
Alex Presley
Josh Willingham
Antoan Richardson
Brian Dinkelman
Jermaine Mitchell
Evan Bigley
Kenny Wilson
Jason Kubel
Sam Fuld

This list intentionally omitted players that never reached Rochester. I also know this list is probably incomplete and encourage additions in the comments. 31 names... That's quite a long list.

Make that 30 names, I entered Pedro Hernandez twice and no one called me on it...
But wait, I thought we only kept, played and promoted ML castoffs and AAAA fodder? But seriously, this list goes a long way to show that the Twins are indeed moving forward. But it takes time. You can't simply say: "this young man is talented...PROMOTE HIM." There's just way more to it than that. There was a comment recently that the Twins rebuilding efforts really began with the trades for May and Meyer. And I think there is real merit to that thought. To me, stage two encompassed the Nolasco and Hughes signings, the keeping of Gibson, despite having options available, and the jettisoning of Worley and Diamond. That one move told me the Twins weren't going to just stand pat.
Paul Pleiss
Aug 21 2014 11:48 PM

The Twins are getting better by both addition, and as this posts shows, subtraction.


The guys the Twins are calling up from AAA this season are a lot better than DeVries, Hernandez and Walters.

Aug 22 2014 12:13 PM

There was a time there two years ago and beyond where we just kept replacing lousy players with different lousy players, and let's hope we don't go there again for a dozen years or so. I think that's how Ryan is trying to execute the strategy: building a system that can sustain a certain level of quality because it has its own well (the farm system) from which to draw.

Don't forget about Justin Morneau and Duke Welker!