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Realistic trade deadline moves?

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A few moves I would look to make as a GM. Also With this post im not looking at getting or selling all the guys on this list, but this is...

Article: Game Thread: Twins @ Yankees, 6/24 @ 6:05pm CT

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Arcia Traded to the Rays

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For cash or a PTBNL. This could be worse than the Delmon Young trade. Guess 30 HR power from a young player does have a price.... About $...

Article: Draft Update

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It's been almost two weeks since the MLB draft and pending a few final details, the Twins appear nearly set to put a bow on what appears...

Addressing the 25 and 40 man roster

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With a bad year, we all know that some moves need to be made for next year. My view on Ryan's current lineup have always been poor at bes...

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No More Room At The Twins Inn

Posted by goulik , 27 September 2013 · 87 views

As AA Twins become AAA Twins, Room for AAAA players is becoming more scarce. With many 30 plus "prospects" called up this year, and several more failing to get called from Rochester, there will be many players released into oblivion this off season. Before even considering Free Agents (Please Ryan, Sign some Free Agents) If I was General Manager, I would have to make the following decisions:

Starting Pitching:
Andrew Albers, Kevin Correia, Sam Deduno, Scott Diamond, Cole DeVries, Liam Hendricks, Pedro Hernandez, Lester Oliveros, Mike Pelfrey, PJ Walters, Nick Blackburn, Kyle Gibson, Vance Worley

See a problem? With Logan Darnell, Trevor May, and Pat Dean already called up to AAA, at least 6 of these need to be cut or moved to the bull pen this off season assuming we do not sign any free agents. (I'm hoping we sign at least two...) So who do we cut?

Pelfrey and Blackburn are already gone. PJ Walters and I believe Cole DeVries are going to be following them out the door as soon as the post season is over.

The obvious keepers are Gibson and Correia. Now you have to fill in the best of the rest. At this point (based on who is and has been here) the best of the rest... Sam Deduno. This is a less than impressive start thus the cry for free agent signings.

Andrew Albers has earned a shot but age is against him. Liam Hendricks has his 30 starts and has not impressed. Worley, Hernandez, Oliveros, Diamond all seem to demand another shot but there is only so much room to go around. If I was a betting man, I would guess that Hernandez, Oliveros, and Hendricks are either gone or pushed into long relief, spot starter jobs in Rochester or gone.

That leaves us with Albers, Worley, and Diamond trying to win two spots this spring. If we sign a free agent, Albers age and lack of impressive stuff probably pushes him out of the organization.

My point? There just is not room to keep all these AAAA pitchers. We lack a true starting five yet have to start cutting in a big way. Thank you gentleman for giving us your best, good luck and good bye!