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2018 MLB Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Today, 10:03 PM
How about a postseason game thread? Any MLB postseason discussion can just go here.

Article: AFL Report - Week 2: Pitchers Outshine Hitters

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 09:56 PM
The Salt Rivers Rafters finished week 2 of the Arizona Fall League season with a 3-3 record, including going 2-1 in games decided by just...

Escobar re-signs with Arizona

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:03 PM
Its a three year contract for around 21 million. If this is true then the Twins low balled him. Let's see the details as they come out.

Article: Offseason Handbook Updates: Cover and Guest Authors

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:42 PM
As the postseason rolls on, we're getting closer to the World Series, and you know what that means: Offseason Handbook Day is almost upon...

Sickels top Twins prospect list for 2019

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 09:27 PM
Top three aren't a surprise but #4 was.   https://www.minorlea...spects-for-2019   Sickels like the depth of the team a lot.


Very Pleased with these Twins!

Posted by huhguy , 30 March 2018 · 473 views

Obviously one game, but what pitching! Odorizzi sp? Was terrific, Reed unspeakable, and even the guy who kept throwing it into the ground I can see is gonna be a big help.

seems Falvine knows how to construct a team.

Biggest disappointment is Sano, Im so sick of him going to the plate and not even coming close to the ball, If the the wins can trade him, move Escobar back to third and Ehire to Short

Anyway excited about this season we are gonna be in it, be real contendters!

Kelly Vance
Mar 30 2018 02:40 PM

Sano is pulling his head and trying to pull everything. Someone slip him a memo in study hall


Sano is pulling his head and trying to pull everything. Someone slip him a memo in study hall

Sano will be fine. He's a very intelligent baseball player, very engaged in the game. Guys like that don't stay down for long. 

I re-watched the Duke past-ball play. Castro and Garver will need to work on their ball blocking skills because Duke gets guys out with that curve in the dirt. That's his money pitch. 


Other than clutch hitting, I saw a lot of promising stuff in that first game. The relief pitching (including Duke) looks much better, tho I have my doubts about Rodney's effectiveness. Odoreater looks like a guy that could throw several complete games, including a possible shutout. Let's hope some of his pitching acumen rubs off on the other guys. 

my worry on the mound is Hildenberger, how many times have you seen a great season then flame out the next year?If he returns to 17 form, watch out!

Why did Moliter use all the new guys the first time out ?  Are the holdovers really that bad ?  :)

I'm still not sure with the lineup construction. Would Morison be better served at cleanup. Should Buxton leadoff...or do we play him deep inthe order as just a warmup. Is Sano cleanup or #5. Why is Rosario cleanup. 


Hildenberger had a tough spring. Moya is a rookie. So is Kinley. The Twins have to make a fast decision on all three of these guys at some point. A competitive team can carry one new guy (stinker) for a season, but not necessarily three...at least right out of the loop. AAA is where you pitch to keep getting experience. Major league is the real deal. They have started to see mroe film on Hildenberger and he ahs to adjust.


The question is, who do you rotate back in. Duffey? Do you take a chance on Romero of Sleegrs at long relief, although both are also technically rookies. 


Of course Hughes coming abck, or someone coming up in 10 days to start will send Moya or Hilenberger back to the minors...that's a given. So w give these guys 10 days to prove they need a bigger chance in the majors.