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Article: TX 8, MIN 1: Circling the Drain

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:42 PM
One run. Three hits. Another devastating out recorded on the basepaths. Yep, just another drop down the drain in this 2018 Twins season.O...

Article: BOS 9, MIN 2: There Go Those Shiny Pitching Stats

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:38 PM
Entering this game, the Twins hadn’t given up more than six runs all month and the pitching staff had a 3.17 ERA, good for sixth best in...

Article: What's the Deal with Matt Magill?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:42 PM
Spending time with my in-laws by choice. The Minnesota Twins stealing a base. Paul Molitor using Matt Magill out of the Twins bullpen.The...

Game Thread: Twins vs Rangers, 7:10pm cdt 6/22/2018 ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:00 PM
The order o' tonight's service will be as follows... Would the congregation please rise for the singing hymn #25 "Nothing but Raindrops"...


Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:53 PM
I did not understand the organization’s thinking when they picked up Matt Belisle from the Indian’s trash heap. Honestly, I was even more...


Neither Sano or Duffey would be on my playoff roster

Posted by huhguy , 20 September 2017 · 977 views

Has Sano tried to come back? Doesnt seem like it does it?

I thought T Duffey was great, but he clearly isnt performing, I would leave him and Sano off
my playoff roster

Sanp would be a wonderful bench bat and possible DH. The Twins could, conceivably, go with a four man rotation and 7 pitchers in the pen. Who would be those BEST seven? Better yet, who is the odd starter out (Mejia, Colon)?


I might be hard-pressed to keep DUffey on the 40-man, depending on the state of prospects. Granted, so many of the potential 40-man prospects probably won't start the season with the Twins (Rosario, Jorge, Romero, Curtiss, Enns, Moya, Littell as examples) that the Twins will need journeymen to fill in the holes. But, again, if you have NO HOLES on the 40-man, who stays and who goes.


I'd love to see Sano's right handed bat against the Yankees. They killed us with left handed pitching last series. He's hurt though, so it's kind of a moot point.