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JT Realmuto.....go get him.

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Gibson great for 4th straight!

Posted by huhguy , 07 September 2017 · 801 views

What a HUGE game! Have any or our pitchers pitched 4 straight great? Ervin? This was a big, big game for Twins,

How about Polanco? Where would we be without him?


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Sep 07 2017 11:02 PM

If Gibby were left-handed, I'd be tempted to call him "crafty".

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Sep 08 2017 08:36 AM

As I watched the game last night I was expecting Gibson to implode at any moment. My hat is off to him. He didn't seem to have his best stuff but managed the game well. Of course it helps to have the team pull off three doubleplays behind him! But at one point last night I wondered if having Bartolo Colon on staff hasn't rubbed off on him. There was more patience in his pitching than was there in the early months, (when I wanted him shipped out.) And when there was any defensive miscue behind him he was able to shrug it off (unlike the early months when he'd just collapse.) Oh well, I've come around to thinking that they Twins might be well rewarded by retaining him. CHEAPLY of course, he's not that good! ;)

The Twins have to pay what they have to pay Gibby because of arbitration. The redeeming factor for keeping him is that the Twins don't have, as of today, a solid 7-8 depth. They have Santana, Berrios, Gibson, Mejia, Slegers and partial May for next season. Will Hughes come back? Is Turley really an option? How soon before Jorge, Romero, Gonsalves are ready. Who are the guys you further drag out and protect on the 40-man?


If Gibson was pitching like this two months ago, we would be in front of the Yankees, and he might've been tradebait.