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Enns this experiment now!

Posted by huhguy , 11 August 2017 · 1,206 views

Looks like the Yankees got us again. Unless the AA guy has something to offer.

If Enns can be sucessful in the Majors then I am coming out of Retirement!

We have at least 5 pitchers in the minors that are better than him right now.

RE: "If Enns can be sucessful in the Majors then I am coming out of Retirement!"

If you thought last night was a quick hook...
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Cory Engelhardt
Aug 11 2017 10:58 AM

It's fun to have a super fast reaction after a player's first ever appearance in the majors. I think you would be perfect on most national sports talk stations.

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Which five pitchers in the minor leagues are better than Enns (for sure)? 


My sense is that he'll be sent down and Hector Santiago will make the next start, but I would hoe that they wouldn't make many snap judgments on Enns from 2+ innings. 

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Based off of this type of 1 game rationale:

Jaime Garcia with the Twins is a shut down ace who will lead us into the postseason.

Jaime Garcia with the Yankees is a bum who should retire.

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The Twins need to find out which players at the upper levels are ready or almost ready to help them next year. How else are they going to do it?

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I'd like to see him get another two starts. A lot of that could have been nerves the other night. After seeing what Berrios has done this season after his disastrous debut year in 2016, I'm willing to take a longer look.
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There is a Strib article by LaVelle Neal on this very topic here :http://www.startribu...tart/439788153/

He says Enns deserves another start.  I agree, one start, 2 1/3 innings, EXTREMELY sss.

It's a lefty thing.


Let him get his feet wet.


He may not be top of the rotation, but is he better than some of the names we already have out there (Hughes, Gibson, Santiago, maybe even Mejia...not to mention Gee or Colon)?


The guy was nervous. If you can figure out a way to not have guys get nervous...and to throw like they should...not how they feel...maybe everything would be perfect.


Only time will tell..


Quick call up. Starting a game earlier than scheduled. 


How are the Twins over .500 is what I wonder!?!





He wasn't considered much of a prospect and he was a throw-in in the Garcia trade as Littell was the main acquisition for us. Some on this board have already determined that he simply doesn't have the ability to be a starter (88-89 MPH fastballs topping out at 92 MPH) and might need to try the bullpen. But I wouldn't let this SSS determine Enns' future.

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To Answer your question Seth,









Phillip Buck
Aug 21 2017 07:26 AM
My first post. I'm chuckling at the comments regarding Enns. The Brewers game was a test that indicates Enns will likely be on the September roster. Hector's recovery and the team's careful approach is following the correct model. He won 6 July 2016 games with some several suspect Angel catchers. Don't worry about your pitching. The Twins' post-season depends on keeping Jason Castro healthy. Pick up Matt Dominguez & Chris Carter and you'll roll the Disatros.