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JT Realmuto.....go get him.

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Trade Hughes and Dozier, Vargas start with Twins next year?

Posted by huhguy , 21 August 2014 · 1,261 views

Angels just lost their Ace, What would they give up for Hughes? I m guessing you could get a Starter, and two prospects...If you are blown away..you have to take it...I know, I know..Hughes and Contract etc..but We could replace Hughes or close to it..AND add...two quality prospects how do you not take that?

Same with Dozier...we are looking pretty good in the infield at the moment...escobar to 2nd...If you got two top prospects for Dozier, would you move him? I would

While thinking about it...do you think Vargas will break camp with the Twins? I thought Pinto would be the primary catcher this year..so..I dont know...what do you think?

You must sit around, thinking of articles to stir the pot.While we are at it... why not trade managers with the Angels ?:)

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Paul Pleiss
Aug 21 2014 11:44 PM

Why would the Angels trade a started and two prospects for a starter? It doesn't make sense for them to trade away starting pitching to get starting pitching. And the Twins moving Hughes for prospects and a back of the rotation guy? I'd probably have to seriously consider finding a new franchise.

Paul Pleiss
Aug 21 2014 11:45 PM

I wouldn't move Dozier for prospects. He's an above average MLB regular. What's the value in giving that up for guys who maybe could be as good as Dozier? No need to keep kicking the can down the road on this rebuild. The Twins need MLB talent, not organizational depth.

Paul Pleiss
Aug 21 2014 11:46 PM

And yes, I think Vargas breaks camp with the Twins based on current roster/organzational construction. I think a lot will change this off-season, but probably a good chance the big fella stays wth the club when they leave Fort Myers for Minnesota next spring.

Prospects for Dozier would have to be Near Major League ready...When I say starter for Hughes, I mean a Milone type Pitcher...pushed out by the rotation...that guy plus two top prospects..i hope TR makes that overture...


Dozier is the teams most valuable player, but I believe Escobar is runner up for team mvp excluding Perkins

Hughes just turned 28, young despite several years MLB experience. Gibson will be 27, Meyers and May will be 25 this off-season. I think Hughes should be kept for the duration of his contract and maybe even extended with what he has shown this season.


Dozier is another story. If the team can get a good return for him, i say trade him. Escobar has shown he can play every day and Santana would then be able to move back to SS, with Escobar at 2B. Plus it seems the team has several IF prospects nearly ready to move up.

Vargas looks the part. Obviously, he's a bit limited in his positions though. DH/1B at most. 


Hughes - I honestly don't think the Angels have the prospects to make it work. Not that I would entertain it. I think (my feeling) Hughes and the Twins are a good marriage and neither would prefer to end it any time soon. 


I'm not as bullish on Dozier as some. That said, I think he's the right type of player to bring about a winner though. Plays hard, like-able by teammates, teammates respond to his leadership, and I believe will continue to grow as a player. He's a .230-.245 hitter (in over 1500 PAs), but I believe he can start to lay off of some poor pitches and make himself a .260 hitter. It's not great, I know, but with his BBs and power for 2B - he still has quite a bit of value as a .260 hitter. So I wouldn't actively shop him and I wouldn't trade him unless someone knocks my socks off - e.g. a top 25 prospect at AA or higher and 2 more in the top 150.  


The Vargas situation complicates the Pinto situation. I see both, at least until Pinto proves he's at least an average MLB catcher, as needing lots of ABs and both offer the most value (by least subtraction) at DH. 


Mauer, moving to 3B at least for one season (could be two more with Sano's status up in the air) would help. And I think, if Mauer feels he could do this, he will. That leads to Plouffe 2.1. Can he be a LF, slash, backup 3B, backup 2B type of guy?


Prospects possibly in reach for ST 2015 and through 2015:


SP - Alex Meyer, age 25

SP - Trevor May, age 25

C/DH - Josmil Pinto, age 26

OF - Aaron Hicks, age 25



SS/2B - Jorge Polanco, age 21

OF/2B - Eddie Rosario, age 23

3B - Miguel Sano, age 21

OF - Byron Buxton, age 21

SP - JO Berrios, age 21

SP - Tyler Duffey, age 24

RP - Mason Melotakis, age 24

SP - Taylor Rodgers, age 24



RP - Brandon Peterson, age 23

RP - Nick Burdi, age 22

RP - Todd Van Steensel, age 24


Outside of these guys, I don't see any other "prospects" (not counting those over age 25) as having a 'shot' at making the Twins roster in 2015. 


Where would any of these guys fit with the Twins needs?

IT would have to be one of those AJ trades...there are two Twins players that can bring that kind of payoff..actually, I think Gibson could too...but tell the Angels dont absolutely need Hughes..the difference between going to the World Series or not....I really llike Hughes with the Twins, but give me three major pieces..and I have to make that deal

Aug 22 2014 02:58 PM

Angels have traded away nearly everybody in their system, which means it would take major league talent to make it work, which they won't do because of their situation. 


Conversely Kole Calhoun could make an interesting trade for Brian Dozier