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The Only sure bets for next year

Posted by huhguy , 13 August 2014 · 734 views

C Check
1b Check
2b Check
SS Check
3rd base - Can improve
CF -Check

Thats it guys, we need two outfielders, Could use a better 3rd baseman

Backup Catcher - Pinto Would Improve us but will Twins do it>?

Pitchers - Hughes, Gibson, >>???

This all adds up to another losing season

The only position that we cant improve on is 2b...wow

The Real Cheap Seats
Aug 13 2014 12:44 PM

How on earth can you judge and criticize the 2015 Twins roster when their 2014 August trades haven't even been completed yet? Let alone had their ENTIRE 2014-2015 off-season to address the roster holes and spend the $20 million or so they'll have to spend on the roster?

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just saying we need a lot....and to fill the holes is improbable

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Paul Pleiss
Aug 13 2014 02:05 PM

C Check - What about back up catcher? Pinto? Fryer? Free agent signing?
1b Check - Okay, deal.
2b Check - Yes
SS Check - Not so fast. Eddie Escobar has earned his keep, but what about Santana? Danny is not a CF long term.
3rd base - Can improve. Can improve, yes, but Plouffe has been solid. Could use a platoon partner until Sano gets up.
CF -Check - Whoa, no way. Danny Santana is not the answer long term. Team still needs a back up CF too. I think it's unlikely that Schafer is still with the team after the season.


This team could use a free agent signing to pick up a corner OF bat too, Arcia is young and improving, but there's still room for another bat at the corner.


As far as pitching goes, still lots of holes. 


But I disagree that it's another losing season. I think the Twins fight for .500 in 2015.

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Well reasoned, Id like to add a few comments, for example..1b for example is only set because of contract..We are really wasting a position but ok..we want Mauers bat, so lets concentrate on adding the power in the outfield. Disagree on Schafer, is there a better fourth outfielder out there?  Dont see too many...


Catching ..yes ..backup catcher is a toss up...agreed on this..


but the bottom line.is our Pitching will still be weak no matter if we upgrade the lineup..

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another thing, cf check means, the Twins need to play Escobar and Santana at same time

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Aug 14 2014 09:22 AM

The questions marks mean prospects will have to come up and fill those roles.Arcia will be in RF, Vargas at DH, Nolasco will have a rotation spot, Meyer might have one as well next year.Hopefully May gets going and earns one. 


I wouldn't really bother on a 3B for any longer then a one year contract.Same with LF (or CF).I don't think I would sign any pitchers this off-season because it's time for the Twins to see what they have.Nolasco, Hughes, Meyer, May, Gibson.

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wholeheartedly agree on pitchers...but if we are depending on prospects we are at least 3 years away from contention

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Aug 21 2014 06:28 AM

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