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If Diamond Rebounds, Anderson should be fired immediately

Posted by huhguy , 04 August 2014 · 1,870 views

Scott Diamond beats the Red Wings tonight and was very good. If he resurfaces, and succeeds with his new team, Anderson must be fired this will solidify his critics and he should be fired with or without Gardys approval or if it causes losing Gardy too.then so be it..

Diamond did nothing at Rochester this year.A good game or two should not change that.There are always factors we do not know.One thing I do know is he needed a new start somewhere else.There are others you might make this comment about(Worley). but Diamond is not one I am worried about.

Really, he is not part of the future of the Twins staff, plus he had a 7+ ERA at Rochester, so Gene Glynn should be shown the door also.  We were lucky to get the one season out of him that he had since he was a waiver pickup if I remember correctly.


Under your thinking, the Yankees pitching coach should be fired for Hughes turning it around.  Remember, this is AAA only.

Liriano, Worley and now Diamond?  Anderson misses on ALL of those and you are defending him?

The Real Cheap Seats
Aug 05 2014 09:38 AM

I'm not sure that too many people are going to disagree with your overall statement that it's time to let Anderson move on. But your choice of evidence is baffling.


Diamond is AAA filler who smoke and mirrored his way through a halfway decent season (which stands out as better than it really was because of an atrocious pitching staff that year.) He threw one good AAA game against his former team, after being downright awful all year, on a staff that Anderson had no control over or input on.


There's many arguments to be made against Anderson. This just isn't one of them. I don't think anyone is defending his employment status, they're just defending him against this particular fallacious argument, which is one of my favorite things about this community. Many, many opinions, some sound and some absurd, but reason tends to win throughout the discussions.


And this just isn't all that reasonable.

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You missed the point sir, Diamon in and of himself means nothing, Diamond combined..with Worley and Liriano..means a lot

Aug 05 2014 10:11 AM

So predictable! But hey, really, it's that incompetent fool Marty Mason in Rochester that has got to go!!  Diamond gets turned over to Powers in Louisville, and boom, you see what a GOOD pitching coach can do. Diamond's unhittable now, thanks to Powers. That Mason, what a clown! Well, except if he was still working for the Cards. Because in THAT case, just like every other coach and manager and FO guy with the Cards, Marty Mason is a genius. Especially when compared to that incompetent fool Rick Anderson. I mean, look at the shambles Anderson's made of....hmmm....Worley?.....um....Fien?....er, Thielbar maybe? Never mind.

Seriously, you will give Anderson credit for relief pitchers?  Can you tell me a Twins reliever that has not done well for at least some portion of his stint with the Twins?


You can do better than that...

Way too early to care about Diamond.  Dude has a 3.3 K/9 for his new AAA team.


Liriano may always be somewhat inconsistent, but he's probably a bit of a demerit on the Twins coaches.  Worley is looking like a mild demerit too, especially since they basically had a free year to work with him in the minors in 2014 once he cleared waivers.

Anderson is a horrible pitching coach and should have been fired so many years ago. Along with his protector Ron Gardenhire.

It's really hard to judge how much a coach affects each player. For Anderson, there are several arguments for and against. He's had a lot of underachieving starters but has been superb when it comes to the bullpen.


When it comes to Diamond, he never had the stuff it took to be great. That's why we got him as a Rule 5 draft pick. His one good season was all luck. If Diamond can somehow turn around as a #4 starting pitcher or higher for a MLB team, that team must have a miracle worker there. I wouldn't put that on Anderson.

However, when it comes to Worley, I'd blame our pitching staff if he continues to pitch well.

I think it is more than just Worley and Lirino, they are just recent guys.It goes back to Kyle Loshe and the many guys that pitched better either before and or after they pitched with the Twins.Very few have had better careers, when pitching for the Twins than before or after.It sounds like we should just have a team of bullpen guys since that is all Anderson seems to make better pitchers. 


I think my biggest issue with Anderson is how quickly Worly got it turned around all because Pirates saw he was throwing like he was still injured and got him to throw like he did before he was injured.My guess is Anderson was like well you got hurt throwing the way you did before, so lets throw different so you won't get hurt, but your numbers will be terrible, however you will be healthy. 

Aug 06 2014 04:56 PM

Seriously, you will give Anderson credit for relief pitchers?  Can you tell me a Twins reliever that has not done well for at least some portion of his stint with the Twins?


You can do better than that...


First of all, I'm not defending Anderson. He's probably no better and no worse than the others. I'm blasting your argument because it has more holes in it than a hair net. For every pitcher, starter AND reliever, that you can put up some ridiculously specious claim that Andy is responsible for their performance, I can stack up two that improved once they got here or declined when they left. And think about how silly your argument is about Liriano. When he was exceptional with the Twins, was that in SPITE of Andy? And why would you argue that relievers don't count? Seriously, you want to NOT rip on Andy when a reliever fails? Like, lately, Burton?


You can do better than that.

Aug 06 2014 05:00 PM

Oh, and Liriano's stinking up the joint again. Must be because he reverted to all the old habits that rubbed off when he was mishandled by Anderson, right? Geez.

Paul Pleiss
Aug 07 2014 12:36 AM

Even in Diamond never does another good thing with a baseball it's still time for the end of the Rick Anderson era in Minnesota. And I agree, if that means Gardy has to go, then good bye fellas. And I know TR thinks if Gardy goes, he should go to, so the Twins might as well clear it all out and bring in some new blood.Whatever it takes to get rid of Rick Anderson is a thing that I support. Even if it means bringing back Drew Butera. Not sure how that really plays into it, but I'd take sweet Drew over that Rick Anderson every day and twice on Sundays.

Hosken Bombo Disco
Aug 07 2014 09:00 AM

Oh, and Liriano's stinking up the joint again. Must be because he reverted to all the old habits that rubbed off when he was mishandled by Anderson, right? Geez.

Luckily, bird watcher, the ikelihood is very remote that Diamond will pitch in the majors this year. I appreciate that there are defenders of this coaching regime, but good or bad these coaches have overstayed their welcome.

Also, I ask you, by what measure Liriano is "stinking up the joint again" this year? It's closer to the truth to say that the Cincinnati Reds have five starting pitchers that would put Gibson and Hughes to shame, than to say that Liriano is having a horrible year. :)