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Hate losing Davis....

Posted by huhguy , 31 July 2019 · 3,542 views

If he continues on the path he was on, he will be one of the best players in baseball I know you have to give something to get something,I think this was NOT having to give up Lewis and Kiriloff, I was just getting ready to slam Twins FO, but they have indeed added valuable assets.

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Me too. I really liked that kid, but there are so many 40-man questions to answer this year, and we got a good reliever, which is exactly what we needed.


It hurts, though, and I wish him the best. But with the Twins OF as it is, there wasn't much room for him on a regular basis. He'll have a much better opportunity in SF. 

I like both Diaz and Davis a lot...


If he continues on the path he was on, he will be one of the best players in baseball


If he continues on the path he was on, he will be on OK player for someone.


I'm not sure what I believe, his .950 OPS this year or his .740 OPS the previous two years.Granted, almost half his PA the two previous years were in the FSL, but he's 25 and just got to AAA. He's almost as old as Buxton. 


His stats and career path remind me of Marty Cordova, including a MiLB breakout year at age 24. If he continues on that path, I'd say that's a success. Cordova was better than I thought he'd be and was 7.7 bWAR for his career, which has been surpassed by all three of our current OF. 


I hope he does well and helps the Giants beat the Dodgers a few times while they spend the next couple of years rebuilding. 

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I wonder where Jaylin Davis ranks on SF prospect list?SF system is not near as good as ours and I didn't see Davis on their updated top 30 list on mlb.com 



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I like both Diaz and Davis a lot...

is there anybody in the Twins top 40 that you/we wouldn't say that about?


is there anybody in the Twins top 40 that you/we wouldn't say that about?


Quite a few that I don't like. Gordon, Wallner, Gonsalves, Celestino, Alcala, Maciel, Vallimont. All top 30. Btw who is Will Holland? I like Davis and Diaz a lot better.

It just goes to show how better the Twins roster and farm system is now compared to five years ago when guys like Arcia and Vargas were given so many chances at the MLB level. I think Davis and Diaz both are better prospects.