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This guy doesnt Scoop out....

Posted by huhguy , 27 June 2019 · 903 views

love Arreaz who doesnt? J Scoop hits an occasional homerun, but is he worth keeping around?

Id have trouble deciding between Scoop and Sano for next player outside looking in.

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Schoop is better defensively than Arraez and much better defensively than Sano. Arraez has options left. Sano only has one left, which hasn't been used this year. 


Are you saying you'd dump Schoop permanently because Arraez has been really good at the plate through his first not even 50 plate appearances? That's idiotic. 

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Schoop has started to slump as of late but I would wait things out. I think it'd be wise to have Schoop play out his deal and hit free agency in 2020.


Defensively Schoop has been panned by the advanced metrics, but he's been a good fielder in previous years so I wouldn't be surprised if he regresses to the mean and plays better. 


I have no idea what to do with Sano, and sending him to AAA is a legitimate option at this point. I wouldn't trade him during the season, though. 

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Jun 28 2019 07:32 AM



I have no idea what to do with Sano,  

What he said.

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Love Arraez and his pure hit tool. But I think Schoop is a respected, veteran leader in the clubhouse.He's scuffling a bit right now and his OBP will never be great, but he's a streaky power hitter and I'll bet we see more of that here soon.

Jun 28 2019 02:24 PM

Schoop and Sano are cut from the same cloth. Tons of talent, but they're both easily distracted and forget that they're supposed to be focused on playing baseball. I'll take Arraez over Schoop any day of the week. Arraez has talent and is laser focused during every at bat while Schoop lately appears like he's only 1/2 there mentally. I've tried to be patient with Sano, but he's just dead weight. He's dragging down the team's productivity with his bat and fielding and is a distraction. Sano is a very difficult situation.