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Front Page: Twins Game Recap (8/24): Sano 3-Run Bomba, Bu...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:05 AM
The Twins trailed the Tigers 4-1 heading into the bottom of the fifth inning tonight at Target Field, but Miguel Sano smashed a go-ahead...

Front Page: Twins Minor League Report (8/24): Gray, Webb...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:52 AM
In the Twins' minor leagues on Saturday night, the E-Twins were on the road but got a huge late-inning home run to take a lead. In Cedar...

7 things nobody saw coming this season

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:40 AM
Read this article and was not surprised to see this disclaimer (it is, after all, the Twins, right???) : "Now, obviously, there are envir...

Front Page: How Miguel Sano Turned His Season Around

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:38 AM
In late June, Miguel Sano’s 2019 season felt like it was on the brink of collapse.From his delayed start in May through the end of June,...

Front Page: Getting Defensive

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:29 AM
Remember when Doug Mientkiewicz was really good at first base for the Twins one year, but Rafael Palmiero won the Gold Glove despite bare...


What gives?

Posted by huhguy , 01 March 2019 · 943 views

Its beyond me how TD staff doesnt think suppying their readers with pre season game results. I had to go to er..that other site to find out about games, that should not happen

Joe A. Preusser
Mar 01 2019 11:32 AM
Tom Froemming
Mar 01 2019 03:59 PM

Congratulations! You've just been elected as the official spring training game thread manager! :)

    • dbminn likes this
Mar 01 2019 04:30 PM
What other site?

lol..twinsbaseball.com, the official site


Congratulations! You've just been elected as the official spring training game thread manager! :)


For those in Twitterville, Tom has put up a few "player in focus" videos from ST games. Pineda and Parker were the latest, I believe. Give him a "follow".