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Who had the worst debut?

Posted by huhguy , 05 June 2018 · 714 views

Trevor May
D Enns
M Littell

Please vote.. As bad as Enns was, May was beyond awful, I think LIttell will be back, smarter and more determined, but this performance sends him to the back of the pack of the Next wave


Might be good to put the numbers of these guys in their debuts...


But May was easily the worst... and we still like him, so that's why it's never good to make too big of a deal of a guy's debut.

Wasn't the Jose debut in Detroit also terrible? Or it was his second game?

I might like May as a middle reliever, nothing more than that though. He hasn't been doing well enough to be promoted to the big league.

I was gonna go D. Nik Turley but his terrible game wasn't until his second game. Though the first was not ideal.