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Placing confidence in May a mistake

Posted by huhguy , 27 May 2018 · 600 views

Trevor May would NOT be an asset to the current Twins Pitching staff when Hughes was around yes but who do you replace now? May got battered around at Rochester tonight conjuring up memories of his former self, If the Twins are smart...they will only bring hm back in case of an injury

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There isn't a clear spot for him on the major league roster at the moment, but I think he'll be OK. One bad AAA outing isn't going to doom him. But at the moment they have Gonsalves, Slegers, and Littell starting at AAA and on the 40 man roster, so it's not like they need another starter. I'm not sure what they'll do with him.

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May 28 2018 08:27 AM
At the moment he probably gets optioned. He's not pitching well enough to deserve a spot, and while Lynn is the odd guy out, I'd be inclined to let him have a few more starts before I moved him to the pen (especially since he looked good in his last outing).
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Assuming both May and Santana are going to be helpful after the surgeries is a fools gambit. Maybe they will, but I see so many looking at their return as a rescue, assuming they will pitch like before they went out, and especially May, he was never that good. Soooooooo no rush, but there is call for Gonsalves before May (the pitcher not the month), if you ask me. The sooner the better.

There shouldn't be a BIG rush on May. If you can afford that 8th bullpen arm, which may ne a necessity because of overwork, go ahead. But if you can option him to Rochester and let him get abck up to speed, no hurry until you start sorting out sellable assets as July rolls around.


I picture Santana will be more than fine once he gets the work in. Finger is a lot different than arm or shoulder. He just has to shake off the rust, and hopefully the desire to be brilliant as he enters the free agent market again for one big contract will make him a light in a pennant run.


Yes, the adding of Santana back in will be a mess...who goes and who stays. But things have a way of working themselves out (poor performance, disabled list, etc.).


Sadly, if May stays at Rochester, means someone has to go, Yes, there are minor league free agents on the bubble, as well as vets like Baxendale and, perhaps, Slegers. Santana will involved a 40-man roster decision.

Doubtful May comes riding in to save the day. For one thing, pitching really isn't the problem at this point. But he was looking good before moving to the pen a couple years ago where he pitched very well. Injuries messed up his 2016. He was looking very good back in the rotation before blowing out his arm in ST 2017. The guy has good stuff, and he shouldn't be easily dismissed. And I wouldn't doubt he helps this year at some point, but his best opportunity may come next season, he's still rounding in to form and is behind a few guys for sure.