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Would you trade Sano for up and coming catcher?

Posted by huhguy , 17 May 2018 · 1,592 views

Sanos value to me is questionable. I do wonder if Escobar has me spoiled. ! I dont know that Sano should be playing anyway, and 2- How long will we ever have him?

Anyway Id like your input if you would trade Sano for a catcher or just what you think we should do with him

I was reading about Machado's season and wondered if the Twins and Orioles shouldn't make a deal.  It feels like the team is pretty sour on him, and an offseason trade is inevitable--if he can build some value, which he currently isn't.  With the Central totally winnable, I wonder if adding a guy like for Machado, even for just 3/4 of a season, wouldn't be the way to play that card.  Especially if the Orioles through in Jones, O'day, and Britton!


As far as a catcher, who?

A year ago this post would have been silly. No offense. :). But it's a legitimate question now. The problem is you would need to get a really good catcher to make it sensible, and frankly I don't think this years version of Sano will bring that value. The Twins are really stuck in a difficult place with Sano, and in general this team. Sanos potential is too good to trade, but his performance isn't good enough to get anything such as an everyday catcher. The team offense is barely average, the teams pitching screams average, and the defense is average. I really had hoped for more. While it could be a decent team, competitive in its own division that's sort of sad. In reality we are less than a year from finding out that this is all this group ever will be. Ugh! But that isn't what I expected at this time. I just hope I am wrong, but the clock is definitely ticking away, with no real improvement.
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May 17 2018 11:24 AM

I'd trade Sano for any reasonably good player at any position. Sano is a bust due to his head. When a person can't shut their pie hole and stop eating they have mental problems. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it doesn't lend itself to being an elite athlete, which is what MLB players need to be. 

Not a chance. I'd half listen if they threw is some prospects.


Can't miss prospects usually miss: D'Arnaud, Swihart, Schwarber...no thank you.

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LA VIkes Fan
May 17 2018 03:56 PM

What about Realmuto? Send Sano to the NL to a team that can work with him in a City with a Spanish speaking population.He probably isn't worth that today but we throw in a mid level pitching prospect (or Lance Lynn lol) and everybody wins. 

May 17 2018 04:08 PM

I'd trade Sano for Johnny Bench in his prime.

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Winston Smith
May 17 2018 05:40 PM

I mentioned Sano for Realmuto yesterday. You only get a year plus with Realmuto compared to 3yrs plus with Sano. That might even out the value a little. I doubt Sano has a great deal of value right now except to a team like the Marlins who aren't trying to win and can wait for him to hopefully build back some value before flipping him.

A serious contender needs a real catcher.


Out of the box idea is to sign Matt Capps and trade him to the Rays for Ramos

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Absolutely I'd trade Sano for young good catcher. Watching him in the minors, sometimes not 100% engaged in game which results at times muffing routine grounders at 3rd, appears to mirror his performance in majors, including being overweight. Not sure if he figures it out.
Brandon Warne
May 18 2018 09:31 AM

Good luck finding one.

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Not that long ago this proposition was laughable, but until Sano gets his act together (meaning playing at 265 and not 295) he is looking more and more like a "can't miss who missed." He will not be able to be a position player at his current weight without missing many games, and he is too young to be a full time DH. 


I hope his current injury wakes him up to the fact of how many millions of dollars he is going to lose due to weight issues. And maybe even moreso, how much he misses being with his teammates and hitting clutch HRs and showing off his cannon of an arm. Sano's career is totally in his hands--or maybe his appetite?!

I still love watching him hit and believe the Twins are better with him than without him so I pray he has a nice long career with the Twins. I can't help but see David Ortiz in him and hope we never give away a great player like that again.

May 18 2018 03:10 PM

Sano has mega power, he has value and is still young. If the right deal came around I would not mind if the Twins moved him but it would have to be for at least 1 all-star or 3 top prospects or some flavor of both, assuming we also give up an additional player.

Yes, he can mature and possibly be a David Ortiz. The natural power IS there. But he also needs to get his head on straight. Depends on how much money he wants to make and how hard he wants to work for the payday...which could be long (like Ortiz) or short (see Delmon Young).


He's not sticking at third. Who do teh Twins have to play first? Is Rooker the DH of the future. If so, then Sano could be expendable...but his worth is all over the place. Other teams see what we feel.


If he has a breakout season this year or next, I would consider dangling him for multiples. But then, he might become too expensive and the Twins will end up losing him in free agency anyways. So trde him.


Seth mentioned tonight that Sano is headed to Rochester tomorrow for a rehab assignment. If the Twins were smart, they’d leave him there until his weight is where the trainers want it. The Twins are unlikely to make the playoffs this year, so now is the time to find out who their players of the future are. I’m sure all of us are disappointed to see a young man with immense ability continually battling injuries because he stubbornly refuses to get in playing shape. An extended stay in Rochester might get the message across.
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I know they would never do it , But would Perez -royals- for Sano be a option????

Couple of points.

1.If you trade Sano, you are going to have to sign Escobar as Twins do not have a thirdbaseman close to the majors.

2.Message is worse, if you trade your best Latin player, what does that say to the rest of the group.I am hoping to keep most of them long term, this could be a special group, don't mess this up.


Couple of points.

1.If you trade Sano, you are going to have to sign Escobar as Twins do not have a thirdbaseman close to the majors.

2.Message is worse, if you trade your best Latin player, what does that say to the rest of the group.I am hoping to keep most of them long term, this could be a special group, don't mess this up.


Answer to 2.They are just like every other player on this team.You don't play well you get cut, released or traded, assuming you aren't signed to a big multi-year deal like Hughes.

No, I wouldn't. We Twins fans get pretty down on guys like Sano, Mauer, Buxton and Dozier when they are struggling...articles like these are pretty commonplace. Sano is one of the premier young power hitters in baseball. You don't trade him for a catching prospect. You keep him and only trade him in a contract year if you're rebuilding, and you cash in with a bunch of young arms. He's way better than you're giving him credit for.