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Dozier to the Cubs make some sense for both teams?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:56 PM
Yes, I know that the Cubs just won the WS, but teams can always stand to improve their rosters. After looking at all the different teams...

Article: Twins Roster Projection 2017: Version 2.0

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:53 PM
In past years, I posted my first big league Roster Projections on the first day of Twins full-squad workouts. This is a couple of days la...

Atlantis Casino O/U

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:56 PM
As previously promised, I found the first casino offering season O/U. Twins: 70.5 wins 3rd in the AL Central. Thoughts

What to do at Left Tackle?

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 01:49 PM
Clearly TJ Clemmings has no business being a LT in the NFL. This team has a lot of work to do rebuilding the line, and frankly, not a lot...

Reusse makes case for Danny Santana at shortstop

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:56 PM
http://www.startribu...stop/414561533/   Patrick Reusse wrote an article making a case for Danny Santana to compete for the shortsto...

Blog huhguy


My Rule 5 Pick

Posted by huhguy , 06 December 2016 · 1,196 views

Community Blog Post
There are some real intriguing arms in this draft. With Falveys guidance, I think there is a good chance the Twins strike gold in this draft. That said, i want to explain my choice and the one I hope the Twins will make.

There are probably at least five arms to look at and all of them have their different merits. Can we all agree that the Twins will n...


Hunter Greene - Why wouldnt this work?

Posted by huhguy , 09 October 2016 · 944 views

Community Blog Post
Its interestng to see a player who could be drafted as a position player or a pitcher....Why dont we draft Greene, play him at 3b/ss and use him as a reliever as well? This would be a great boon to the roster, you wouldnt have to carry an extra pitcher, when you bring him into pitch, you insert your utility infielder....feedback please


The Players I want to see called up...and a question about Arcia..

Posted by huhguy , 14 August 2016 · 1,231 views

Community Blog Post
1- I want to see Mitch Garver catch almost all the games until the end of the regular season.

2. I want to see Gonsalves called up and pitch in the rotatation

3. I want to see Granite called up and play every day

Did we ever receive a player for Arcia?


What about Jason Wheeler?

Posted by huhguy , 31 July 2016 · 896 views

Community Blog Post
Have you noticed that Wheeler has been dominating, but seems to be an after thought with the Twins?

Whats up with that?


Twins cant win with Sano at 3b

Posted by huhguy , 31 July 2016 · 597 views

Community Blog Post
Twins dodge another bullet today as Sano bungles 3b again


So you wanted Sano at third?

Posted by huhguy , 16 July 2016 · 990 views

Community Blog Post
After watching Sano just drop a pop up that any little leaguer would have caught, it is time for me to comment.

TRUTH Sano is a better outfielder than a 3b, you clamored for a trade of Plouffe, then for Sano to move to 3b, what now brown cow?

IF Sano is ever to play the field, the only position for him is currently occupied....by a horrible contract.....


An announcer worse than Gladden?

Posted by huhguy , 10 July 2016 · 817 views

Community Blog Post
Ok, I was wrong, I thought Dan Gladden was the worst announcer in baseball, but go listen to Palkas first homerun for Rocjester....I will give you some idea...Palka at Plate, kills the ball..announcer, says, this game is going to be tied.. then says ADAM BRETT WALKER (a black right handed hitter) Palka is a white left handed hitter, has tied the game u...


This just in...Sano can play of

Posted by huhguy , 07 June 2016 · 727 views

Community Blog Post
I know I am going to get my come comeuppance on this topic. I am impressed with Sano in OF, his instincts speak of playing a skill position for most of his life. Does Sano make mistakes? Bad mistakes? Uh..Yeah he does and has, and wil in the future. His bat justifies his existence in the of.

I know many of you have clamored for him to be at 3B, but...


Who do you keep?

Posted by huhguy , 22 May 2016 · 496 views

Community Blog Post
The Twins dont have too many "untouchables" but here is my list based on either consistency or potential.

Catcher - Nobody (I would consider Centeno)
1B - Park
2b - Nobody
3b- Nobody
SS - Escobar, Nunez
LF -Nobody
CF- Buxton
RF -Sano

Pitcher - Nobody

Thats a really pathetic evaluation. This shows how poor Ryan and Staff evaluate talent. When you look a...


Time to blow up the Twins...

Posted by huhguy , 18 May 2016 · 505 views

Community Blog Post
Lets face reality.... The Twins Organization...does not know how to evaluate talent....Thats the number 1-3 problem.

Terry Ryan...(i have been a defender of him in the past) got a lot of credit for the Nathan trade, developing J Santana etc...but who the heck has he drafted? I know, I know..Mauer.but even on Mauer the organization was divided....The pr...