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Which TD member is going to step up and wear the costume? Squirrel? Chief? North?

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Make it rain up in here, Derek.   http://www.startribu...rket/562665252/


From: Game Thread: Twins @ As, 6/1 - 2:35pm

Posted by ashbury , 01 June 2016 · 572 views

Bright side...... May and Tonkin were great.

I was there at the game today, great seat on the first base side with a perfect view of the third base line so that fair/foul calls were no mystery to me. I may write up a report, but at the moment I'm wracking my brain to think of any other positives than the ones you mentioned.

Grossman in left is a disappointment; I couldn't spot anything in particular that he did wrong, but baserunners seemed to be gunning for second as soon as the ball made it past the infield into left, and they always wound up making it. His arm's not that bad, at least not Revere-bad, but every throw was just barely not in time to nip the runner.

I decided May is the laziest player in the universe. See, Pat Dean battled his tail off for five innings, resulting in three strikeouts. May got his three strikeout allotment in one inning, and sat down. Lazy, I tell you.

Source: Game Thread: Twins @ As, 6/1 - 2:35pm