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Hammond Notes - March 24

Posted by ashbury , 24 March 2015 · 1,257 views

We allowed ourselves the luxury of arriving sometime after 11, and learned that the minor leaguers would not play at noon but at 1. Since we had cheap-seat tickets for the big league game, we chatted outside the park with Thrylos then went on in. Tomorrow we'll stay outside and watch the prospects again.

Warm day, starting out overcast but changing to partly sunny. Sunscreen advised.

Posted Image

Ricky Nolasco had a very nice outing, particularly in the early going when I noted three backward-K strikeouts in the first two innings. In each of the next two innings he was aided by Mauer with a 3-6-3 double play (I'm remembering one now as 3-4-3 but I'll go with what I scribbled). He gave up a solo homer to Donaldson in his fifth and final inning. I didn't keep a pitch count but it had to be decently low. Ricky's a good bounceback candidate for 2015 and this was an extremely encouraging outing. This photo may or may not be of Donaldson, connecting or not connecting on that homer; I didn't take good notes when I was snapping action shots but I think it was just a foul prior to the homer.

Posted Image

Meanwhile, as probably every Twins blogger on the planet has already noted, "Dozier celebrated his new contract extension with a first inning home run" to left. Here he is during warmups before the next inning. Doesn't he look elated?

Posted Image

Schafer later hit a solo shot to right; maybe he wants some dough too. Plouffe finished out of the running with only a double. Hunter hit a deep homer to left, but he already owes us, amiright? My son AshburySteven pleased me with the observation that Hunter isn't actually costing anything meaningful because the marginal cost of his contract is zero in the absence of being close to any practical budgetary limit; that collitch edjamacation we paid for (at nonzero marginal cost, amiright?) is actually working out for him.

Speaking of sunk costs, Mauer didn't have much to show in the box score, but he had two warning track shots to left. That's in keeping with what I saw in BP the day before. Here's a routine but classic pose by the man:

Posted Image

Perkins had a clean enough looking pitching line in the box score, but he was bouncing several in the dirt. So he clearly is still working on a few things. Duensing came in next, for the seventh, and did not have good results, retiring no one and leaving with the bases loaded after he took a shot off of his leg. Molitor evidently wanted to see how he'd do against righties because he fed him to two very dangerous ones, Joey Bats and Donaldson. The outing didn't aid Duensing's ambition to be more than a LOOGY, I'm afeared. Here he is a few pitches before getting dinged, also bouncing one in there:

Posted Image

(If that's any of you sitting behind home plate in the expensive seats, let me know when I should stop by for my free beer.)

But JR Graham came in to the rescue, and got a strikeout, and then a DP, to escape with no scoring that inning. We haven't had many bullpen arms lately where you could base strategy on trying to get a strikeout in a key situation; I could get used to that, if we end up with such a pen soon.

Graham got into trouble, himself, in the eighth, and Hamburger went on to give up the lead (and probably punched his ticket to Rochester) but wound up vulturing the win when Rosario drove in Nunez after a nice Fryer bunt. Ha ha, I said to Toronto fans (not really), your team lost to Mark Hamburger. Ha ha, AshburySteven said to me (really), you pay attention to pitcher wins.

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Very nice John! And some beautiful photos! Heck of a camera and zoom you have there!


I haven't been around enough, or seen enough, to know if this is really true or not...but...can there be a more beautiful milb ballpark than Hammond in Ft Meyers? Absolutely gorgeous!


My father was there two years ago, had a blast making friends in the crowd, talking to Watkins and Kepler and others. Sitting around, having a couple beers, and telling me about his trip, he was giddy as a schoolboy. LOL


This was supposed to be the year we talked about going together. Didn't work out that way, but here's hoping next year is indeed the year. Color me Target Field outfield green for all of you who have made the trek this season.

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Paul Pleiss
Mar 24 2015 11:41 PM

Can someone convince Joe Mauer to start wearing the short pants and the high socks?

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Paul, yeah, just imagine the extra power he could generate if he wasn't all tangled up in his cuffs.


Doc, thanks for the compliments. The camera is just a compact model and you can tell if you look closely that the sharpness isn't quite there. But Number One Son AshburyDavid is the one who has invested in camera equipment, and got some good shots in the AFL. Here is one I really like.




I've visited newly built parks in Reno and Indianapolis, and all of these are very good in their own ways. The view from yesterday's 10 dollar seats was pretty far from the action, but the panorama is nice.

Was also there yesterday Duensing is now only a LOOGY. Graham did a nice job in the 7th.
Hope to see some of you today, will be in the minor league area late morning with my wife and then going to the game.

I'll be heading over there soon too. Look for the tall guy in the brown Deschutes Beer t-shirt, with an even taller son. (If you end up talking with Aaron Slegers, you went too tall.)