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Hammond Notes - March 19

Posted by ashbury , 19 March 2015 · 1,131 views

A much abbreviated version of my notes today. Arrived after lunch and watched the two games offered. Perkins was the "starter" in the AAA game versus the Bostons, and seemed to do well in his one inning. Here is a photo of him warming up.

Posted Image

Tyler Duffey started in the AA game. Warmup photo alongside pitching coach Stu Cliburn:

Posted Image

I forgot to mention that I caught a glimpse of Gardy when he attended the UW Stout game Tuesday against our younger players - son Toby coaches Stout. So here's a belated photo that I took from a distance once I got over my assumption I was merely seeing the imposter ChiTown previously reported. (I don't know who the others are.)

Posted Image

Photos aside, I can't say I paid close attention to giving a good report on how the games went. A throw from LF that missed a cutoff man allowed a runner to advance. Polanco did well at short but allowed one bad hop to eat him up enough that his throw was wide. Buxton did not have a good day at the plate. I believe Sano got another HR in the other game but I totally missed it. I think the AAA team won, I think the AA team lost. Nice day at the park, good chat again with Stringer, nobody's paying me to report, ergo... this is what you get. :)

The AA team won 5-4. Was out there too.Did not realize that you and Stringer were around.Will try to look for you guys Saturday if there

My wife and I are taking a side trip to Miami tomorrow and Saturday. I had a hunch you were the guy with the big camera. Stringer and I were with his brother who's in a motorized chair, so you may have noticed us as well. At game's end I meant to go see if I was right, but you had slipped away before I noticed. I think Stringer and brother will be there, and I'll try again Sunday if you're around.