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Troy's Twins Thoughts 9/24/20

Posted by TroyKelley , 24 September 2020 · 1,888 views

- Kenta has been an Ace so far this year. I'm pretty sure the Nationals had Scherzer, Strasburg, and Corbin. They went up against Cole, Verlander, and Greinke. We need Berrios and Pineda to be dominant.

- Buxton has been the player all the Buck truthers have hoped. He has 10+ defensive runs saved plus 13 homeruns. He is the MVP of the Twins along with Cruz.

- Rookers injury hurts this team. He came up and played really well. I Think it is too late to call up Kiriloff which is unfortunate.

- Taylor Rodgers has been inconsistent and seems to have lost confidence. I would like to see Duffey in the closer role. Rodgers or Clippard are the best options for the 8th. Overall I have confidence in the bullpen with Alcala's heat, Romo's junk, and May, Wisler, or Stashak.

- I really hope Cruz and Arraez can be back fully for the playoffs. The lineup isn't nearly as good without them when you have to put Rosario at DH and have a bat like Cave or Wade instead of Cruz. Marwin has been taking better at bats lately but would much rather have Arraez at the plate.

- The umps have been really poor. Cruz got kicked out for the 3rd time in his career, Rooco booted, and Donaldson. A lot of people bitched about Donaldson getting kicked out in that spot. I loved it. Everyone said it was selfish, I feel like it was anything but selfish. He was standing up for all the nonsense those umps were calling. He stood up for his teammates after hitting a bomb. He's the man in my book. He would only have had 1 more at bat in the game with no one on if I remember correctly. Glad he sent a message that the club isn't a bunch of pushovers.

- Jeffers has earned his spot as the #1 catcher this year. He has hit very well and his pitch framing is great. Garver has been up and down, basically hasn't gotten into a groove. Avila is a ok left handed compliment but I would start Jeffers as many games as he can handle in the playoffs.

Let me know what you think!
Troy Kelley

Donald Redding
Sep 25 2020 11:30 PM

Donaldson was super selfish.Paid too much money for him to be a difference maker to pull a childish stunt like that.And now he's injured.It's a weird season but he has not delivered.And spare me the Twins record with him in the lineup vs without him.That's only one variable.Now clearly I want him in the lineup in the postseason.Hope tonight was truly just mild cramps and not a flare up of that calf because he could be out for good. 

Sep 26 2020 09:38 AM

Buxton is a must watch, but Rosario has been the Twins best player. 

Rocco needs to let Garver recover his skills in the offseason. Right now, Jeffers is easily better behind the plate. He hurt Berrios last night. At the plate Jeffers is much more of threat, especially down in the line-up where you want good at bats and a threat to hit the ball. I guess we can hope Garver suddenly flips a switch at the dish but his catching skills are obviously suffering right now.

I agree about Rooker.

Donaldson's ejection was over-hyped. It was no big deal really. In recent years, due to replay, there have been fewer arguments/blowups at umpires. I don't think baseball players or umpires carry much of a grudge because the next game is usually within 24 hours. There is a level of acceptance between themselves that mistakes happen, even when tempers flare. Thus JD's brief little temper tantrum and an umpire's quick hook on comments from the dugout. It is a season where a number of experienced umpires opted out due to Covid 19 and MLB is at a much quicker pace than MILB.

Tony&Rodney- Thanks for the input! While Seth will tell you Rosario is fun to watch play baseball, which he is, Rosie is not a smart player. He has made so many mental mistakes this year including basic fundamentals like throwing home instead of to 2nd with 1 out. Per Dan Hayes (@DanHayesMLb on twitter) from a couple days ago. Before he made a pair of fantastic running grabs in the alleys tonight, Byron Buxton was already worth 10 Defensive Runs Saved. As of tonight, his wRC+ is 129. And the #MNTwins are 25-12 when he plays and 9-10 when he doesn't.