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Let`s bring back the `87 Twins

Posted by Doctor Gast , 22 November 2020 · 3,825 views

`87 twins
In 1986 the Twins had one of the worst records in baseball (71-91) but in 1987 the Twins turned it around, becoming a Cinderella story that won the World Series. A story which inspired movies. 1986 team was basically the same team as the 1987 w/ players Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti, Frank Viola, Bert Byleven, Tom Brunaski, Roy Smalley, to name a few. So what changed? They brought back the pin-stripes & added the M insignia. The change was a immediate success & continued w/ success for years, winning another WS, AL Championship, many perennial Divisional Championships & PS wins. The M insignia was dropped in 2010 from home games & was retired completely in 2014. Twins haven`t won a PS game since & not even qualifying very often.

http://twinsdaily.co...cted the season


I know you are probably saying this guy is nuts, super-superstitious or believe in luck.
I assure you I am none of the above. But I do believe that if something works don`t fix it. I don`t care if I can`t explain it or people think the baby blues w/ TC insignia are cute. I say we bring back the pinstripes & M insignia & get the monkey off our back AGAIN

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Nov 23 2020 08:24 AM
Exclusively use the TC symbol and TWINS as the only Twins insignia. Font being back the M. We are NOT the Mariners.
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Nov 23 2020 08:53 PM


Exclusively use the TC symbol and TWINS as the only Twins insignia. Font being back the M. We are NOT the Mariners.

Concur.  I’ve kept my M cap only because I associate it with the 1987 and 1991 teams, but I only wear my TC cap.  Agree about the uniforms, though.

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Doctor Gast
Nov 24 2020 05:24 AM


Exclusively use the TC symbol and TWINS as the only Twins insignia. Font being back the M. We are NOT the Mariners.

Very true we're not the Marininers, our M doesn`t stand for Mariners or Minneapolis it stands for Minnesota. Many teams share the same letters, my intention is not for us to imitate them. My intention is for us to aspire to regain our PS prowess, much like the Yankees. When they hit a slump they reach back to the Ruth/ Gehrig & Mantle/ Maris eras. I`d like to bring back the winning attitude that we had while wearing this uniform.

I`m not pushing to abolish The TC insignia, maybe bring back the pinstripes & M insignia for the PS.

Nov 26 2020 12:05 PM
I say we bring back proper grammar and correct spelling. Ah! The Good Old Days.

How about we bring back three man post season rotations?Nobody wants to see 4th and 5th starters or bullpen days in the playoffs.

Doctor Gast
Nov 29 2020 05:57 AM

Please forgive me terrydactyls, if my English has offended you. I assure you that it wasn`t my intention. I have lived most of my adult life away from the US, the things I miss most about being away are family, friends, Minnesota lakes & Twins.Twins Daily has been a great outlet for me. I try my best to edit my slips, typing errors & use of my modifiers correctly, I admit I don`t catch them all.

My intention is to bring back the winning attitude that we had when we won all those WS games in '87& 91, championships& PS games. I think this winning attitude needs to begin w/ the fans & lose their negativity. When we go to the games, get into the game & cheer the players. If we don't, we can't blame the players & coaches but ourselves if we don`t win.


Doctor Gast
Dec 27 2020 07:39 AM

I'd like to note 1 more thing that came to mind. Before 2010 season, concussions were unheard of for the Twins. But in July 7, 2010, Justin Morneau received a concussion through a knee to the head while breaking up a DP. Iron man Morneau was having a HOF career, winning the 2006ALMVP. In 2010 he was having a phenomenal season, was second in the AL with a .345 average, seventh in home runs with 18 and 10th in RBIs with 56, led the AL in on-base percentage (.437) and

second in slugging percentage (.618).

Many players have concussions&never suffer any negative symptoms but Morneau (noted for his durability)never came back as a Twin although he had some good years away.

The other half of the M&M boys, Mauer suffered a concussion that knocked him out of the catching position & hindered greatly his performance. W/o the concussion, Mauer is a lock at HOF but now there is some doubt.

Buxton coming through the minors was constantly the #1 prospect. A 5 tool guy that excelled in all of them. Maybe many don't know but he was a HR threat. He was MN HOF hopeful but here he toowas bitten by the concussion bug & has yet put up the #s that he was projected. 

Since 2010 MN has been plagued by concussions, is there any correlations that can be made?