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Colorado is Rocky

Posted by Doctor Gast , 29 January 2020 · 1,179 views

colorado rockies pirates jon gray
Ted Schwerzler wrote a great article that the Twins need to target the Pirates as a great trade possibility now.
I totally agree! But I`d like to present possibly another in the near future & that`s the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies had a losing record last year, well out of contention of any play off possibility. This off season they didn`t do anything but yet they believe they still have a chance to make it this year, so they said they don`t want to trade. Now w/ the Arenado situation, I believe they will have to trade him. I believe Arenado really wants to win it all so he finally woke up & realized that the Rockies aren`t going anywhere therefore he wants out. He has an opt out option after next year & when the FO realizes that he`s going that route they have no choice other than to trade him. W/o Arenado & a very weak farm system they`ll have to take the route of rebuilding.


That brings up Jon Gray, he`s been compared as the next Gerrit Cole


Since this article I`ve been dreaming of a Jon Gray trade. Gerrit Cole wasn`t that great w/ the Pirates but when he arrived at the Astros his career took off. If we get Gray I believe he`ll become an ace for us. Although I don`t know for sure ,I`ve heard he`s not satisfied at Colorado. I know Colorado is looking for a high prospect catcher but hopefully they`ll get it when they trade Arenado so we don`t have to use our high catching prospect. Then we can trade pitching & outfield prospects. It`ll cost us a couple of high prospects.
Many teams will be after him so we need to be ready
What do you think?

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I wouldn't think too much about Jon Gray unless Arenado gets traded for a package that doesn't include a player that would readily replace him like Kris Bryant. The Rockies don't want to cave for a rebuild and for better or worse, aren't going to start selling off parts like Gray until they have no choice.

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Doctor Gast
Jan 30 2020 09:14 AM

That`s what I`m saying. I know that the Rockies don`t want to give up their play offhopes. But for the Rockies get someone like Kris Bryant in exchange forArenado is very unlikely. If the Rockies can`t compete w/ Arenado (one of the best 3B if not the best) they certainly can`t compete w/o him. The Rockies are strapped for money thru the Arenado contract & some bad deals they can`t go out & get FAs they don`t have the farm to go out & trade. I see them similar to Pittsburgh in thisrespect. 

 Sooner or later they`ll have to wake up & see what everyone already knows that they won`t compete this year or in the future until they rebuild. To rebuild they need to trade for prospects & believe Jon Gray will be 1 of the 1st.

Jan 31 2020 10:19 AM

I'm in agreement with you that the Rockies, should they fall out of contention by the trade deadline are an ideal trade partner for the Twins.


However, the Rockies top 3 SP's - Marquez, Gray & their hoping for a bounce back from Freeland. If they get good years out of those three they may not fall out of contention even being in the competitive NL West. 


One other note - I like Gray, but if we're going trade the prospects it would require to get him, I'd rather have Marquez.

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Doctor Gast
Jan 31 2020 10:23 AM

The 2017 Twins FO traded some important players (believing they didn`t have a chance) the team came back & got in the play offs. The difference from Colorado today is that their GM Jeff has his a## on the line (he made some bad deals) & `17 Twins just came in & wanted to clean house. For them make the right call, they may have to fire Jeff

Doctor Gast
Jan 31 2020 01:50 PM

Last year CO inch away from SD for last place by 1 game. This year SD has done much more in improving their team CO has done nothing & no really great prospects coming up. I like the core of CO players very muchbut odds are they`ll end up in last place. 

I like Marquez , He is an establish pitcher & will be very expensive. Gray is not so he`ll be more reasonably priced. I believe Gray will greatly improve away from CO, therefore providing more bang for the buck

It`ll be very interesting how this will unravel

The problems with targeting guys on teams like the Rockies is they are still trying to sell competitive baseball in 2020.  They are 1 years removed from being a 90 win team they think/ hope selling to season ticket holders that things are going to bounce better for them in 2020. At the trade deadline it will likely will be a different story.  

not a lot of teams out there with pitching that are selling youth and a rebuild that have solid semi expensive pitching willing to move.  You have teams like KC and Detroit Baltimore Marlins and nowPittsburgh.  Everyone else thinks there is a chance they can compete in 2020 and this late won’t move pieces especially pitching.   

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Feb 01 2020 02:12 PM

The Rockies FO believes or at least is selling a bounce back year by Freeland. Becuase of this any chance of getting either Marquez or Gray would be more likely at the deadline. 


I think Marquez and Gray will both be expensive and if you look at their Home/Road splits I believe Marquez benefits more by getting away from Coors Field.


With that said I like Gray as well. They both have the potential to be a top 3 SP on our staff and that's what we need.

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Doctor Gast
Feb 02 2020 11:33 AM

Thank you everyone who contributed to this blog! You all convinced me that this dream will probably come later than sooner. :(