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36 Minutes of Twins BOMBAS!

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:36 PM
Looking to kill some time? Here's the ultimate bomba squad highlight reel. Enjoy!  

Helfand: “early June start appears out of picture”

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:01 PM

Live Baseball: Right now!

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:14 PM
Hey all,   We're live streaming last year's Opening Day game over on the Blue Wahoos Facebook page. Come join us, watch Jorge Alcala...

Knuckleballers - gone the way of the sacrifice bunt (and...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:01 PM
All:   With all the free time due to not having a new MLB season to follow, I was thinking back to baseball past. Things like the sa...

Ramon Borrego - local news article

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 04:51 PM
Just thought some of you might be interested in this. https://www.news-pre...urn/2964479001/


Trade Now?

Posted by Doctor Gast , 22 January 2020 · 1,464 views

trade prospects
I live in Brazil & I don`t get a lot of rumors on what the Twins FO is doing so I`d appreciate it if anybody can tell me how serious the FO is in seeking a pitching trade? & possibles. TD is my primary Twins source

Hard to say for sure, but some prospects are going to fall off the 40 man roster, and unless they let them go for nothing, a trade seems likely.

If there's anything going on you'll hear about it on TD. The local sports media up here is still primarily talking about the Vikings, and secondarily talking about the super bowl and the packers loss. 

Those of us in Minnesota don't get what the FO is doing either, until something happens.TD is the most valuable source for the nuances of the off season. 

Jan 25 2020 07:29 PM

I live in North Carolina and TD is my primary source. If TD doesn't have it posted, it hasn't happened yet.

As always the Boss shops at the thrift store. You get other people's cast offs. Glad your a Twins fan.