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Who’s the Top Twins Prospect? Alex Kirilloff vs. Royce Lewis

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:54 PM
Many teams would be ecstatic to have the likes of Alex Kirilloff and Royce Lewis headlining their farm system. For Twins fans, a debate c...

Could Dobnak be an All Star?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:34 PM
 Could Dobnak be an all star? With this terrific infield, I believe he could be. When Donaldson was in the line up Dobnak shine...

Is Cruz a MUST signing? And what if he doesn't fit?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:01 PM
Let me state I love Cruz and want him back if possible. I not only believe he brings class, experience, knowledge and leadership to the t...

FA Value Shopping

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:56 PM
Just for fun-here is 1 player at each position that might be worth the money and my contract estimates:   C- Sandy Leon 1 year/1.5 m...

Cody’s Top 20 Twins Prospects: 11-15

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 04:04 PM
Not all organizations have prospect depth that stretches outside of their top-10 prospects. The Twins have multiple names on this list th...

Doctor Gast's Blog


Let`s bring back the `87 Twins (Part 2)

Posted by Doctor Gast , 30 December 2020 · 1,439 views
87 twins, 91 twins, 65 twins and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
There is further thoughts I'd like to probe about this subject. To do this I'd like you to review this prior thread below


To summarize, the Twins began w/ pinstripes & were competitive. In '65 they won the AL Championship & went to the WS. In the 1st 2 yrs. of the start o...


Let`s bring back the `87 Twins

Posted by Doctor Gast , 22 November 2020 · 2,761 views
`87 twins
Community Blog Post
In 1986 the Twins had one of the worst records in baseball (71-91) but in 1987 the Twins turned it around, becoming a Cinderella story that won the World Series. A story which inspired movies. 1986 team was basically the same team as the 1987 w/ players Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti, Frank Viola, Bert Byleven, Tom Brunaski, Roy Smalley, to name a...


Why did the Twins regressed in 2020? One answer

Posted by Doctor Gast , 16 October 2020 · 1,987 views
Community Blog Post
The Twins have been a big question mark all year. Great 2019 performances from players never realized in 2020 except Cruz & arguably Rosario. Although I`m not normal superstitious but baseball is, I never understood why the Twins wanted to bring back the baby blue uniforms to reminisce the "Twinkie" era. the auguration of the baby blues began w/ the G...


Grapefruit Prank

Posted by Doctor Gast , 14 March 2020 · 1,280 views
Community Blog Post
Pranks are part of baseball culture which helps make the sport more enjoyable. I really liked this article about how the Grapefruit League supposingly got its name. I always enjoy a clean prank & thought that maybe if anyone hasn`t seen this article should read it to uplift your spirits.



Diamonds in the Rough

Posted by Doctor Gast , 24 February 2020 · 1,932 views
romero, graterol, c archer and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
It`s nice to have money like NYY to be able buy expensive, proven, developed, polished players. These exceptional players I will convey them as "diamonds". Most teams have to settle for what`s left over in FA or try to scout, draft, develop & trade for prospects that have great potential to become "diamonds" or what I`ll call "diamonds in the rough"....