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Why The Astros Should Be Confiscated From MLB, Part 1 (WCS/ALDS Edition)

Posted by TwinsFan268 , 09 October 2020 · 1,518 views

astros postseason 2020 cheating scandal 2017 world series
They cheated. They cheated. There were 23 home runs hit in the ALDS this year. The ones from the A's because they were a genuinely good team, but the ones from the Astros had to be from cheating. If you don't believe me, let me rephrase that for you. The ones from the Astros, the 29-31 Astros with a .483 winning percentage, had to be from cheating. Oh, and let's talk about that record. In the playoffs, the Astros are 5-1. And here's the funny thing. None of their games have been at home. In 2020, the Astros were 20-8 at home. On the road, they were 9-23. (cheating)

Here are some statistics if you still don't believe me. As a team, the Astros hit 69 home runs as a team. In the postseason alone they hit 13 home runs. That's 18.84% of the home runs they hit all year. And it's been 10% of the games. (cheating)

Let's look at some individual players. A lot of players had down seasons in 2020, such as Jose Altuve who hit .219 with 5 home runs and 18 RBIs in 48 games (192 plate appearances). In the playoffs, he's hitting .273 with 1 home run and 6 RBIs in 6 games (22 plate appearances). Also, Carlos Correa is an interesting case in the 2020 Cheating Scandal. He hit .264 with 5 home runs and 25 RBIs in 58 games (170 plate appearances). So far in the postseason, he's hitting .500 with 4 home runs and 12 RBIs in 6 games (20 plate appearances). Let's break that down, using the numbers. He had 170 plate appearances in the regular season, hitting 5 home runs, and in 11.76% of the plate appearances, he's hit only one less home run. A .500 average over 6 games is no joke. Either he's on a major hot streak or he's cheating. You can guess what I think. (cheating)

Another statistic I want to go over is their record over the teams they've played. Yeah, they haven't played the Twins all year but the A's are in their division, so let's just take a look at their stats vs. the A's. (I don't think they're that good). The Astros were 7-3 vs. the Astros in the regular season but somehow, they came and beat the A's in 4 games (3-1). Yup, I know what they're doing. (cheating).

I'm going to be watching the ALCS closely. I'm going to continue to look at statistics closely. I'm going to monitor stats closely. I'm going to write an ALCS post to this article after the ALCS is over. The ALCS Edition. Leave a COMMENT below to tell what you think. Did the Astros cheat or is this a pure hot streak?

Doctor Gast
Oct 22 2020 01:50 PM

I suspected cheating. I don`t know how but I`m an advocate of checking for electrical devices before a batter bats.