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Another 2020 Blueprint

Posted by 3rd Inning Stretch , 03 November 2019 · 726 views

While I certainly chat with the white whales this offseason (Cole, Strasburg, Rendon), ultimately none land in Minnesota. That doesn't mean the offseason cannot be a success. I move forward with the following:

Zach Wheeler - 4 years/76 million
Mike Moustakas - 3 years/42 million
Jake Odorizzi - 3 years/39 million
Will Smith - 3 years/35 million
Jason Castro - 1 year/6 million

Trade AWAY Eddie Rosario for prospects
Trade FOR David Peralta for prospects (Net +1.3 million for trades)

Non-Tender - Cron
Pass on Martin Perez (+.5 million)
I'd also bring back Gibson on a minor league deal if he'd accept and see how he performs in the spring...if okay, perhaps break camp with him instead of Graterol to begin year.

This means:
C - Garver
1B - Sano
2B - Arraez
SS - Polanco
3B - Moustakas
LF - Peralta
CF - Buxton
RF - Kepler
DH - Cruz
Bench - Castro, Gonzalez, Adrianza, Cave, Wade

SP - Wheeler, Berrios, Odorizzi, Dobnak, Graterol (Gibson?)
RP - Rogers, Smith, Duffey, May, Littel, Stashak, Smeltzer/Thorpe

Total Payroll: 137 million

I really wanted to bring back Pineda, however salary was not going to work while missing a portion of the year. The addition of Smith could shorten games for the inevitable shuffle at the back end of the rotation, however would rather spend on a guy like Smith then take a chance on the starters that could come for similar money.

I think Wheeler is the home run get for the Twins...hampered a bit by the Mets dysfunction, but electric stuff that wont cost what the two top guys will.

I try to extend Buxton/Berrios, just not sure that's gonna get done. So didn't even try and go there here.

I prefer Peralta over Rosario despite the age difference as I only am planning on Peralta for one year. And he won a gold glove this past season (for what that is worth), but really wanted him for the quality at-bats he will provide versus Rosario.

Believe the hitters provide good flexibility position-wise and the team has okay depth when the inevitable injury hits.

No monster prospect trades allow for in-season deals to again be considered, also allows the team to see Larnach for a second year, see if Lewis continues AFL success, see if Kirilloff continues to make strides hopefully without injury.

The concentration of LH hitters is a potential concern, especially if Sano/Cruz either don't remain healthy or don't produce. However, I could see the lineup being just as potent as this year (assuming MLB doesn't mess with the ball) and believe the rotation should be better overall 1-5 and bullpen should at least be on par with what we saw the last two months in 2019.

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I don't see Wheeler going for that low a salary, and I'm not sure I'd want to buy high onjust-over-the-hill Moustakas.And what do you think you're going to get for Rosario?He's worth more to the Twins, who need his position, than to any other team. But I like your general direction.
Here's my plan:http://twinsdaily.co...innesota-twins/
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