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Santana's Struggle Is Polanco's Opportunity

Posted by Cody Christie , in Minor Leagues 15 June 2015 · 1,757 views

danny santana jorge polanco eddie rosario paul molitor
Danny Santana was supposed to be the answer at shortstop.

He blew everyone out of the water with his performance throughout the 2014 season. However, the 2015 season has been an entirely different story. He's looked lost at the plate and struggled on the field to the point where the Twins demoted him to Triple-A.

Many fans of the Twins minor leagues might have expected this kind of regression from Santana in his sophomore season. During his minor league tenure, he hit .274/.317/.393 so he surprised with his big offensive jump at the big league level. A lot of this can be contributed to his .405 BABIP.

New manager Paul Molitor and the Twins front office were committed to Santana being the team's shortstop to start the 2015 campaign. To say he struggled, would be an understatement. His BABIP dropped to .300 and he hit .218/.235/.291 while looking over-matched.

There were also more defensive struggles as he adjusted to playing shortstop regularly for the first time at the big league level. Last season, Santana got the majority of his playing time in center field as the Twins were looking to get outfield production. There have always been questions about Santana's ability to stick at shortstop as he has a career .933 fielding percentage in the minors.

Santana's struggles to start the year might have opened the door for another younger player. Jorge Polanco has seen very limited action over the last two season's in Minnesota including his first start at shortstop last week. Because of Eddie Rosario's paternity leave, it was a short call-up for Polanco but another learning experience under his belt.

Polanco has spent this entire season with the Southern League's Chattanooga Lookouts. He's roughly three years younger than the other hitters in the league and that hasn't stopped him from putting up some career best numbers. Through 56 games, he hit .316/.361/.433 with 17 extra-base hits and 13 steals. His four home runs also put him three behind his career high from 2014.

While Santana tries to rediscover some of his rookie magic, Polanco might have surpassed him on the Twins shortstop totem pole. Polanco is regarded as a better defender and he's compiled better offensive numbers throughout his minor league career. If Polanco continues to play well this season, it seems likely he will be the one starting at shortstop for the Twins in the foreseeable future.

It was fun to watch Santana's performance last season but his time might have already be run out in Minnesota.

Polanco might have two problems. His arm strength and Dozier. Many look at him as a second baseman. Also, I want defense to be the determining factor at that position, not hitting. Both are great of course, but I don't want to appear greedy! :)

"It was fun to watch Santana's performance last season but his time might have already be run out in Minnesota."


Cody, I agree that Polanco looks like he's moved up the pecking order.


I would not say the Santana's time in Minnesota has run out. He's 24 years old. He was improving defensively as the season wore on. He doesn't look like the long-term solution right now but he has time to improve.

Too early to tell.Polanco has issues with arm strength.Bigger problem discussed above is Dozier, though I am of the group the feels he should be the one traded and bring a big return back after this year. Might approach and see if Dozier will sign a long term team friendly contract, if not and if the twins feel Polanco is an answer, may be time to cash assets.

Would also include Santana in the group of players to cash assets in on if the right deal comes along later this year.

Its a fine line on when to trade a prospect like Santana or even Polanco, do you wait until they have partially failed like Santana, which lowers their value, or do you trade them before they are proven anything like Polanco??


Thats why GM's get grey hair!!!

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