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Game Thread Red Sox vs. Twins 2/24 12:05 CDT

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:38 PM
Another fun matchup today. Maeda starts, Rosario, Cruz, and Arraez play, and we get to see Royce Lewis and Gilberto Celestino!

In The Best Shape of Their Life!

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:42 PM
ANNND Welcome! To the forum you never knew you needed... Until now! This is your only place on the internet to find a collection of Twins...

2019/2020 Twins Minor League Signings

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 07:09 PM
This is a forum to update Twins minor league signings (and can be where we post Twins minor league free agents that signed elsewhere)....

Nice article on Jeffers

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 06:44 PM
https://www.mlb.com/...atcher-prospect   I was a bit cool on Jeffers going into last season but he's really worked hard to improve h...

Minor Leaguers to get a Raise

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 05:01 PM
https://apnews.com/1...a2641244e0c00fd     Players at rookie and short-season levels will see their minimum weekly pay raised...

Road Tripping with the Twins


2020 Twins Schedule

Posted by JW24 , in MLB 12 August 2019 · 3,546 views

Community Blog Post
Not trying to take attention away from the Twins 2019 season, but the 2020 schedule was released today! Time to start planning another road trip!


Miami Marlins

Posted by JW24 , in National League East 08 August 2019 · 759 views

Community Blog Post
Miami at the end of July! Let's make it happen!

This was the reaction my friends and I had last September when the 2019 MLB schedule was released. July might not be considered the peak time to visit Miami, but there really is not a bad time to go. Plus, the flights were darn cheap.

We originally looked for a weekend trip that would work, but a quick loo...


Road tripping introduction

Posted by JW24 , in Introduction 06 August 2019 · 695 views

Community Blog Post
Hey everyone, I have been kicking around the idea of starting this blog for a while and decided to just go for it. If there is another blog like this on Twins Daily, I apologize for duplicating any content or stepping on any toes.

Each summer, a group of friends and I take a trip to watch the Twins play in a visiting ballpark, with the goal of seeing the...