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Why Trade For a No.2 Starter When You Already Have One?

Posted by Tyy1117 , 02 August 2019 · 2,617 views

michael pineda trade trade deadline starter starting pitcher
During this year's trade deadline, a lot of Twins fans, myself included, thought it was necessary to add a clear No. 2 starting pitcher behind Jose Berrios to bolster our rotation for the playoffs and next year. Odorizzi since coming back from injury has fallen off of a cliff, Gibson and Perez have also had significant struggles, but Pineda has quietly been very good dating back to the beginning of May. While the concern that there's holes in the rotation stands, the Twins have a 1-2 punch that's rarely faltered.

Since the beginning of May:

Jose Berrios: 16 Games, 102.1 Innings, 22 BB, 92 K, 10 HR, 2.73 ERA, Opponent OPS .650, 4.18 K/BB

Michael Pineda: 15 Games, 88.0 Innings. 17 BB, 81 K, 12 HR, 3.48 ERA, Opponent OPS .671, 4.76 K/BB

Mike Minor: 16 Games, 99.1 Innings, 37 BB, 102 K, 15 HR, 3.35 ERA, Opponent OPS .733, 2.76 K/BB

Robbie Ray: 17 Games, 96.2 Innings, 41 BB, 136 K, 19 HR, 3.82 ERA, Opponent OPS .765, 3.32 K/BB

Kyle Gibson: 17 Games, 88.2 Innings, 25 BB, 94 K, 12 HR, 3.86 ERA, Opponent OPS .719, 3.76 K/BB

Above you can see the 3 best starters of late that Twins have and 2 of the starters they were tied closely to at the deadline. Clearly Jose Berrios is the best of the bunch. Things get a little fuzzy when you look at Pineda vs Minor, but I like Pineda's control much more and his ability to hold hitters to a very low OPS, and when you add in that Minor hasn't had a quality start since June, whereas Pineda has had four in that time span, I'd gladly take Pineda. Even when it comes down to Gibby v Ray v Minor, Gibby has the best control and holds hitters to the lowest OPS of the bunch. Now I'm not saying I like Gibby in game 3 of the ALDS against Gerritt Cole, I do like Berrios in game 1 and Pineda in game 2, and well hopefully Odorizzi returns to form, but if not Gibby can hold his own for fiveish innings and then we turn it over to our upgraded bullpen.

It wasn't worth it to sell the farm on a guy that might be an improvement over what we already have as our number 3 starter, and certainly not when you hear what kind of packages these teams were hoping for in return. While it certainly would've been nice to add an arm for next year, there will be plenty of FA starters, and Berrios/Pineda/Gibby is just fine for now.

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LA VIkes Fan
Aug 03 2019 10:13 AM
Interesting perspective oh, and I think you're right. Right now Berrios, Pineda, and Gibson are the top three starters and it's not even close after that. They also form a pretty competent top three. Our problem is the two guys after that although at least Odorizzi is occasionally good against a weak team where Perez is just consistently awful.
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Acquiring a starter like Ray, Stroman, Minor, Bumgarner, Syndergaard, or Greinke would do several things for the Twins. 1. We could skip Pineda a few times in the rotation to help limit his innings. 2. Send Martin to pen so we have a 2nd lefty. 3. Insurance from injury. What happens if a pitcher gets injured? 4 Incremental improvement is still improvement and every little bit is gonna help.
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Um, I like Minor's number of innings pitched and K rate. K rates are important in the playoffs especially. Have to miss bats there with the talent involved.


Minor was essential to add if we were serious.....


It turns out the Twins FO were serious...just about kind-of-contending so we could fill seats and make money for the next 5 years....a-la-the 2000s

Dear Twins FO,


We agree with this article!


Pineda is a formidable game 2 playoff pitcher! You guys nailed it!


Soooo worried....


Love Always,

The Astro and Yankee FO

You will have to try again - this does not cover a lot of issues - length of start, recent and past injuries for Pineda and Gibson's length of starts and performance in key games.We still do not have a number 2 and we need one.