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How will the AL Central finish?

Posted by Nash Walker , 15 August 2019 · 2,303 views


@ Texas (4) - Twins 3-1
vs. Chicago White Sox (3) - Twins 2-1
vs. Detroit (3) - Twins 3-0
@ Chicago White Sox (3) - Twins 2-1
@ Detroit (4) - Twins 3-1
@ Boston (3) - Red Sox 2-1
vs. Cleveland (3) - Twins 2-1
vs. Washington (3) - Twins 2-1
@ Cleveland (3) - Indians 2-1
vs. Chicago White Sox (3) - Twins 2-1
vs. Kansas City (4) - Twins 3-1
@ Detroit (3) - Twins 3-0
@ Kansas City (3) - Twins 2-1

Final Record: 101-61


@ New York Yankees (4) - Split 2-2
@ New York Mets (3) - Mets 2-1
vs. Kansas City (3) - Indians 3-0
@ Detroit (3) - Indians 3-0
@ Tampa Bay (3) - Rays 2-1
vs. Chicago White Sox (4) - Indians 4-0
@ Minnesota (3) - Twins 2-1
@ Los Angeles Angels (3) - Indians 2-1
vs. Minnesota (3) - Indians 2-1
vs. Detroit (3) - Indians 3-0
vs. Philadelphia (3) - Phillies 2-1
@ Chicago White Sox (3) - Indians 2-1
@ Washington (3) - Indians 2-1

Final Record: 99-63

Conclusion: If the Indians and Twins split their remaining six games, it will be very difficult for Cleveland to win this division. They are tasked with 10 games on the road with the Yankees, Mets and Rays. The Twins toughest road games come against Boston and Texas. The Indians are a good team and I think they continue to show that, but the Twins take care of business and head to October by 2.0 games.

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Aug 15 2019 11:10 AM

If you put this logic in front of me before the All Star break, I might have agreed with you. But trending, since the AS break, seems to belay that logic now.I'm not so optimistic on the Twins ability to cover an overall .666 to .700 record against the Tigers, WS, Rangers, KC, etc., i.e., the .500 or sub-500 teams on the list.Not the way they're playing right now.I have the Indians winning the Div with 99 wins and the Twins battling TB and Oakland for the final wild card spot. Maybe 95 or 96 wins? Hope I'm wrong (but don't think I will be...).

I think it’ll come down to which club gets the most quality starts from their rotations. If Kluber returns strong I can see the Indians be tough down the stretch. If the Twins can get decent outings from Gibson and Pineda they may have the edge. No matter I think this division could be decided in the final season series.
Aug 16 2019 09:50 AM

Dyson and Romo, plus player "X" from our farm system, stabilize the pen and we win the Central going away.

I'd have to concur with Nash on this one. Cleveland is playing tough right now, but, the only realistic way they take the Central is sweeping the Twins head to head (and even then it is not guaranteed at this point). 


2 of 3 games only nets you one game, and 3 of 4 only nets you two games. A sweep is the only meaningful way that the second place team gains ground. Otherwise any games played head to head are a wash, and at this time a year, a second place team cannot afford that.



Aug 21 2019 06:39 PM

So... just keeping track of this.After the last 13 games, the Twins are 7 - 6 (about .500).That includes the 4 game sweep they had of Texas.If you just count the games since their series with the Rangers, then they're 5 - 2. That's .714 win %.Still too early to tell, but it's definitely going to be a rollercoaster ride the rest of the way in!!!Hold on tight and have the barf bag ready...

It won't matter who finishes on top if Berrios & Gibson can't figure things out soon.