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Torii, LaTroy Participate in The Athletic's Discussio...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:03 AM
Doug Glanville of The Athletic hosted a panel of fellow former African American baseball players that included Torii Hunter and LaTroy Ha...

Prospects Live 2-round mock

MLB Draft Today, 09:22 AM
I figured many would have interest in this. Hopefully, we have a draft in some variety this year, but in my contacts with the league offi...

Reusse: Can Catchers be kept Safe during the outbreak?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:47 AM
 https://www.startrib...reak/570451492/     Patrick Reusse asks a legit question during this time... The key to any return...

Virtual Twins Baseball Megathread

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 03:30 PM
Moving forward this will house every game-thread in the comments below until real baseball hopefully comes back. I should have done this...

Zulgad: Is MLB really making return about dollars and cents?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:02 AM
https://www.skornort...lars-and-cents/   The owners have made their proposal to the players. The players association will now have t...

Dome Dogg's Blog


Data: Marwin May Have Cheated Most In '17

Posted by Dome Dogg , 29 January 2020 · 1,028 views

Community Blog Post
According to Twitter user Tony Adams, Marwin Gonzalez may have cheated more than any other player in 2017. He watched every Astros game he could find video on, then compiled the number of times he heard the ol' garbage can bang per player.

Gonzalez heard the bang 147 times in 776 pitches (18.9%).

The data is here. What a massive undertaking by Adams....


Sounds Like Twins Are Out On Ryu

Posted by Dome Dogg , 18 December 2019 · 2,690 views

Community Blog Post
Ken Rosenthal said on Twitter this morning (I can't figure out how to embed on here):

"Expectation within the industry is Ryu will exceed Bumgarner's $17m aav in deal of at least four years. Two industry people with knowledge of starting pitching market predict minimum 4 years/$80 million. Teams still in need of starter include Blue Jays, Angels, Twins....


Olney: Phillies Front Runner For Wheeler, Twins Not Mentioned

Posted by Dome Dogg , 04 December 2019 · 1,119 views

Community Blog Post
Per Buster Olney at ESPN (posted this morning), the Phillies are the front-runners for Wheeler. The Reds, White Sox and Rangers are also mentioned as possibilities.

"The bidding for right-hander Zack Wheeler continues to progress toward resolution, with the Philadelphia Phillies seen by sources as the most potent bidders -- and the Reds, White Sox and R...


The DJ At Target Field

Posted by Dome Dogg , 08 October 2019 · 1,874 views

Community Blog Post
Wondering what fans at Game Three thought of the nightclub atmosphere at the game last night. I thought having a DJ playing "sick beats" and loud, thumping bass for four hours was really grating... but I am an old soul.

Last season I really enjoyed my trip to Wrigley to see the Twins play. The PA guy wasn't shouting, the music wasn't blaring and the fan...


The New Homer Hankies

Posted by Dome Dogg , 03 October 2019 · 1,432 views

Community Blog Post
Yeah that's gonna be a no from me dog. They don't pop at all, you gotta go with the white Hankies!

EDIT: Apparently, according to TC white hankies have been banned since 1991!? Am I crazy or did the 2000's Twins also have white hankies?!