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Game Thread: Twins vs. Oakland 5:10 PM PST (7:10 PM CDT)...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:32 PM
Today marks another day in the saga of Twins Daily game thread brilliance. Well, some call it mediocrity, but, as the author I say, "Bril...

Noah Syndergaard

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:18 PM
If the Mets were to be willing to move him to the Twins what sort of package would it take? Would something like Graterol, Javier and Lar...

Jim Pohlad with Sid - is it really not about the money?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:30 PM
http://www.startribu...2/?refresh=true   It's a good read, and kind of a relief that if a newspaper with an editorial staff and a se...

Twins stuff from around the Web (Fangraphs, Twitter, Athl...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:05 PM
Per request.....new thread! this seems like a really odd post to start with, which makes sense for a thread about the Twins and Internet....

Matt Magill DFAd

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:30 PM
The Minnesota Twins just announced that RH RP Matt Magill has been DFAd. Kohl Stewart recalled, likely in a new role.    


Ortiz shooting a case of mistaken identity

Posted by TFRazor , 20 June 2019 · 508 views

Well this just got weird


Reads like an Elmore Leonard plot line or something, complete with awesome nicknames like the woman known as "Red," or the "Venezuelan."  Best line--


"He grabbed his beer to make sure it was safe."