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Carrasco stepping away from baseball for health

Posted by TFRazor , 05 June 2019 · 1,424 views

carlos carrasco cleveland indians
This just hit the wire. Apparently Carlos Carrasco has been diagnosed with some sort of blood condition. Hopefully he gets the medical care he needs to get back on the field.


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Yikes. I hope he is OK.

Jun 05 2019 02:07 PM

Never what you want to read about anyone in this sport, regardless of what team they play on. I know the term "thoughts and prayers" has almost become a joke online, but in a case like this where it is literally the only thing a non-doctor can do to help a stranger...


Thoughts and prayers to him, his family, and his teammates. 

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Lost my mother to a genetic disorder. I had to have myself tested to see if I carried the same gene. THANKFULLY NOT. In sports, as fans of any sport, we talk about beating guys and pounding guys. And there are teams we just despise!

But we NEVER, EVER, want anyone truly injured or ill.

Truly hope he will be OK.