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What are the 2019 Twins missing in May?

Posted by TwinsReporter , 22 May 2019 · 967 views

bullpen rotation depth defense offense
I recently moved to the Anaheim area and was lucky enough to be able to attend Tuesday evenings' game (5/21/19). I also was able to get to a Dodgers' game a few weeks ago against the Nationals.

I've been watching the Twins all season on TV (the 5pm start and 8pm finish of the weekday games is glorious), and I am always confident that we are going to end up having a shot to win any game as long as we keep it within 2 or 3 runs because our lineup is beautiful (so deep).

The Twins won handedly last night as you all know, but throughout the game something about the team just does not give me that championship edge feel. Especially when I was just able to see a squad like the Dodgers mash the ball around and seemingly always be in control of the game.

(I am 'young' and have never seen a Minnesota championship, so I may just be thinking it is never going to occur for any of the teams that I love.)

There are so many things to love about the team especially on the offensive side, it feels like runs can be scored at absolutely any part of the lineup with so many great on base percentages and guys mashing balls all over the gaps and out of the park.

Maybe this bullpen just doesn't do it for me. Maybe they will clean it up.

What do the Twins need to give them that edge? Do you think they already have all of the pieces for a championship run? If we are missing something, what and how do we acquire?


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Priority number one is absolutely the bullpen. I think they would do well to try to find 2 reliable, if not stud, relief pitchers. They will be expensive, but they're out there and we need them. The options in-house are virtually nonexistent.


Some insurance in the rotation would not hurt, either. The rotation has been very good, but expecting everyone to stay healthy is hardly realistic. Just ask the Indians.


On offense, it would be hard to justify any substantial upgrades. The Twins should always be looking for upgrades, but investing a lot of assets into marginal upgrades is not logical, not when the bullpen has a good bit of room for improvement.


To be clear, the bullpen has been good. It's benefited from having long starts from starters as well as a punishing offense giving it run support. However, adding another high-leverage reliever is a must, otherwise you're putting your faith in Trevor May and Ryne Harper to get important outs down the stretch and in the playoffs. That's a chance the Twins can't afford to take.

I agree they need to add one more reliever.