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Breaking down the schedule in one image

Posted by BeantownTwinsFan , 21 August 2019 · 3,162 views

Given the depth of discussion about the differences in remaining schedule between Cleveland and the Twins, thought a visual snapshot might help put things into focus.

Through the games on 8/20, each team has 36 games left. This chart highlights how those games stack up by opponent while also showing how each team has performed so far.

Schedule breakdown

A few notes & takeaways:
  • As this community is well aware, the teams have 6 games left head to head (the top row of the chart)
  • Similarly, both have 7 left against the White Sox going into today's game
  • The big advantage of course is the 17 games the Twins have vs. KC and Detroit, contrasted with just 9 for Cleveland
  • Both teams have a 3-gamer against Washington left, in addition to similar-ish matchups in the AL East (Boston for the Twins, Rays for Cleveland)
  • Cleveland makes up the 8 games the Twins have against the Central with the rest of their series with the Mets plus matchups with the Phillies and Angels

The Twins still have to play well, of course, but its nice to have a leg up the rest of the way home.

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Well, you just never know. You could face the front-end of a poor team's rotation, not just once but twice. Especially if your rotation has been dismal (wasn't there some starting pitching available before the trade deadline)?


Losing teams, at this point in time, can have new players, playing for the future. Plus, you don't have a lot of film = unpredictable.


I like a comment made...that the Twins aren't playing as well at home as on the road...which accounts for why we lose two of three to the White Sox.


Okay, the Twins had a pretty good lineup out there Thursday. What went wrong with the bats?