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2019 Minnesota Twins TV Broadcast Team

Posted by whatyouknowtwinsfan , 13 February 2019 · 2,812 views

The Minnesota Twins announced the TV broadcast team for 2019. Overall, there weren't too many surprises. Bremer, Bert Blyleven, Jack Morris (who will split time between Detroit and Minnesota's broadcasts in 2019), Justin Morneau, Latroy Hawkins, and Roy Smalley are all returning in 2019. However, there is one change. Torii Hunter will not return in 2019. Replacing him will be former Twins and Yankees broadcaster and former Twin Jim Kaat. Kaat has recently called Thursday night baseball on MLB Network alongside Bob Costas or Matt Vasgersian. This has the makings of an interesting group. What do you think of the addition of Kaat?

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Kaat is supposed to be very good so will welcome him.Will have to see how the rest of the group shakes out.Expect Byleven will retire in a year or two, so hoping the replacements are better than Burt (for some of you this is a very small bar to cross).

Remember Hunter as being one of the better ones so he will be missed, but we shall see on the rest.

Kaat was always one of my all-time favorites calling Twins games, I look forward to having him back and hearing his insights.


Feb 14 2019 06:17 AM
Fire Bremer. Super excited to get Kaat back after all these years. How many games is Kaat doing?
Do we know how many games each of the analysts are doing? The FSN link didn't say. I do know Bert's number of games was reduced even further for 2019.

Yeah, Kaat was broadcasting for the Twins in the early '90s, I think. He's good.

Too bad about Hunter, but I'd imagine Torii might be leaning more towards coaching soon. He'd make a good manager and I hope his career in baseball continues on a leadership level.

Kaat is incredible. He's like 82, had a long playing career and a long broadcasting career. He has an incredible eye for detail, and a memory and an ability to tell great stories. I really am looking foward to it.


For me, Hunter was a lot like Tom Kelly. Kelly was great the first time he did it because he just talked. It seemed after that, he heard how much people enjoyed it and he tried to do too much and it was never the same. 


Hunter was kind of fun the first time, but it was not good, and frankly, I always felt a little (lot?) uncomfortable wondering what he would say next.


I think LaTroy and Roy are terrific. 


And, I'm a big fan of Bremer. I thin he's very good at being able to let the color analyst shine. He knows this game and the team and the organization so well, but he lets the other guy get the glory. He sets up good questions to help. 

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I think Morneau is a great person and very well mannered. But, to me he is too boring and tedious as an announcer. Talks too much and tries to analyze every single play. He should take a cue from Vin Sculley. A little quiet time is good. It’s television and we can see the play unfolding. Also, Bert brought some levity to the booth.