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Article: Sizing Up Cody Allen

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:34 PM
After reaching agreement with all of their arbitration eligible players last week, the Twins have solidified their projected 2019 payroll...

Article: Twins Payroll Really is Resource Allocation

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:30 PM
On Monday Seth did a great job of outlining where the Minnesota Twins were at as of January 14. His 25-man roster projection looks nearly...

Manny Machado

Other Baseball Today, 09:27 PM
Jeez, if the White Sox get him on an 8/250 deal, I'll scream.   http://www.espn.com/...icago-white-sox   That's a future HOFer...

Article: Making a Machado Bid

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:27 PM
For the second year in a row, the free agent market has been slower than molasses in January. Big name free agents like Bryce Harper, Man...

Article: Prospect Spotlight Series: Royce Lewis

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 09:41 PM
As a way to both look back at a great minor league season and celebrate the release of the 2019 Twins Prospect Handbook, I’m shining the...

80MPH Changeup


What's The Deal With Relievers?

Posted by Tyler Austin's Biceps , 17 January 2019 · 142 views

Community Blog Post
Relievers are weird. Not only because they do strange stuff like play video games on the side , but they are probably also the most volatile position in baseball. Go look up the best relievers of 2015 and have a good laugh at some of the names that appear . Liam Hendriks? Kevin Siegrist? Luke Gregerson? Josh Fields? The top 10 or so names have been relati...


The Strange Relationship Between Fans and How Much Money Is Spent On Players

Posted by Tyler Austin's Biceps , 09 January 2019 · 561 views

Community Blog Post
We, as fans, have an interesting relationship between the franchises we support and ourselves. The bottom line of why we support these teams is usually because we enjoy doing so (although it seems like some Twins “fans” on Twitter don’t enjoy anything that has to do with them, but that’s another story). And this vested interest in the team leads us to wan...


The 2019 Twins and Why Being In The Middle Isn't A Bad Thing

Posted by Tyler Austin's Biceps , 03 January 2019 · 693 views

Community Blog Post
A profound philosopher once proclaimed that “it just takes some time” and that while you might be “in the middle of the ride”, “everything, everything will be just fine.” “Jimmy Eat World lyrics? That isn’t philosophical.” Well, when I’ve been drinking a little on Friday nights, it starts to sound like Socrates to me so lay off of it. The name of that son...