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Twins coaching staff

Posted by framedoctor , 31 October 2018 · 1,043 views

When it comes to the Twins coaching staff I would like to discuss the hitting coach. I know there are a lot of opinions out there that say that these ballplayers are grown men, professionals, and they don't listen to coaches anyway or you are not going to change their mechanics this late in the game. The choice to retain Rowson is somewhat bewildering to me. The immediate success of the franchise has been pinnned on the potential of Sano and Buxton. these two players have regressed offensively since Bruno left and you could throw Dozier in on this even though he is not part of the future of this team. You can correct me if this is not exactly right but Rowson is known for working to the strengths of the batter or individual and not necessarily trying to "change" the swing. While I understand the philosophy on its own, it's a little hard to apply this if no strength exists. let's take Buxton for example. Fast. Power potential. Base stealing ability. etc. All true of Buxton but you have to make contact to put any of these potential strengths to use. brunansky may not have been the answer but it seems he was helping all three of these players while he was here, to some extent. It seems he probably helped with situational hitting, what to expect during what count and proceding the previous pitch and possibly pitch recognition itself. I guess what I am getting at, or I agree with is that mechanics are mechanics at this point. Leg kick, no leg kick. Hands high, hands low. etc. None of these things will help these guys hit a curve or a slider or how to work the count for the pitch they can handle. I look at someone like Molitor, he had to have a talent or method to be so successful.....find a guy like this who can teach these things while understanding not everyone can teach what they know. The current roster has a chance if Buxton and Sano can realize their potential. So the question is, do you really want more Rowson looking for strengths or someone who can teach how to hit the tough pitches? I am afraid the Twins are wasting another year of potential on these guys, and Dozier, he should give Bruno a call.

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I'm not sure what happened in 2018. Supposedly Rowson didn't give up and worked really hard with Buxton in 2017 and the ending of the season proved that something clicked between the two. But, yes, the over all dismal flailings of the batters during the 2018 campaign makes me wonder why the hitting aspect of the coaching team is being kept, from all the coaches, and other candidates not even explored. I would hope the new manager has full say on his staff, although open to recommendations of folks to look at and consider from the front office.

Nov 01 2018 03:08 PM

With most of the articles hinting Baldelli's biggest challenge is to get Sano and Buxton on track I think the effectiveness of the hitting coach is huge. A lot has also been made of finding bilingual coaches..What would be wrong with finding an effective coach and give him a translator to relay the training? It is very possible that the effective coach you are seeking is bilingual, but if the best option is not bilingual, don't pass them up when you can just add an interpreter.

Twins just lost two year Minor League Hitting Instructor Rick Eckstein to the Pirates. Eckstein was well respected in the coaching industry. Be interesting to see who the Twins get to replace him. Always thought it was a coup when they got him originally to work with the prospects out of Ft. Myers.

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