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Article: When the Twins Go Buying... Who Are They Selling?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:14 PM
As we approach the trade deadline - What? It’s only a little over two months away - there are a number of moves the Twins could and possi...

Game Thread: Twins vs White Sox 5:10 PM PST (7:10 PM CST)...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:13 PM
"Red-headed step-children are mollycoddled compared to this thrashing."   ----Halos Heaven game thread, last game of the series agai...

2019 Florida State League All Stars (Lewis, Larnach and M...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 12:55 PM
The Florida State League announced its 2019 All Star game rosters this morning. The following members of the Ft. Myers Miracle are on the...

What's Up With Kepler and Sano?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:45 PM
Yesterday Tom Froemming wrote a solid article on Rocco Baldelli's management style and how it may shape the clubhouse culture for the bet...

Article: Building for Primetime

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:41 PM
By the end of next week, the Minnesota Twins will be more than a third of the way through their 2019 schedule. After completing a dominan...

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Posted by NASCAR Steve , 04 August 2018 · 698 views

Community Blog Post
Grit Seeing dozier and Escobar go suck.. but life goes on whether you agree with your front office or not you just hope to win ball games as a player , coach, or fan. I remember when I was young I love playing baseball and football in fact football was my favorite sport up until I was 17..I remember my dad telling me stories about the twins 2 World Series wins...


Jake cave

Posted by NASCAR Steve , 03 August 2018 · 858 views

Community Blog Post
Jake cave Jake cave has a chance to be the next dozier.. as in a blue collar guy getting a chance at 25 and late round pick.. though he wasn't draft by the twins.. he was by the Yankees which would make it even better if he turns out to be the player I think he'll be. He brings good depth to the out field and gives the twins time to just let Buxton heal up.. but I...


Goodbye dozier

Posted by NASCAR Steve , 03 August 2018 · 315 views

Community Blog Post
Goodbye dozier you'll be miss by a lot of twins player and twins fans.. I hope nothing but the best.. and one day it will be nice to see you in a twins uniform again you'll be hard to replace at second base and you power will be hard to replace thanks for giving it 100%.. thanks for the 168 homers too and thanks for what you and you family did for the co...