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I know SSS, But he sure seems to pass the eye test so far.

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Proof the Twins will win the World Series this year: Part 1

Posted by Clear , 26 June 2018 · 330 views

Disclaimer: There is no way in hell this team would or will win the World Series this year. It's all joke please don't hurt me.

The 2018 Twins are the Greatest team ever so let me explain why they will win it all:

Reason 1: THE LINEUP-
The order created by our manager is second to none. Our lineup is always the best and it isn't debatable. Don't believe me? We have Mauer batting lead-off (which is actually a smart move if we all can take a second to agree there) followed up by the two Ed's who were gifted to us by some unknown entity. Our cleanup hitter is batting .191 (as of June 26th), but wait there is more, (I don't mean to tease you like this but...) he is batting an even more godly .217 in his last 7. I know, killer numbers of a true slugger carrying his team to the playoffs. On a good day you may see Dozier and his sub .230 BA here. Also- I see you people complaining every time you see the Wilson guy in the lineup, but he hit an absolute no doubt dinger that one time awhile ago.

Reason 2: We in the AMerica'n League-
Let me go over our competition:
The New York Yankees- Definitely overhyped and I am sure if we got in a playoff series with them we would destroy them no doubt. Their catcher is batting sub .200 and people want him in the ASG... :confused: :confused:
The Boston Red Sox- We just beat them 2-1 in Target Field ez win in a playoff series too.
The Houston Astros- Only actual competition (*these dudes legitimately about to go back to back)
The Kansas City Royals- They are currently beating us 2-1 in the season series and just imagine if they call up Bubba Starling... DYNASTY OVER HERE

Reason 3: Our Manager-
When opponents think about the Minnesota Twins and their noble manager Paul Molitor, shills immediately go down their spines. They know they have no chance of getting us out on the bases because of PM's baserunning IQ. This is the most feared team on the bases, we may even steal home. (not with Robbie Grossman though that dude never makes it home) Paul Molitor even has a 227-259 record, not bad for the greatest coach of all time.

This concludes our sarcastic review of why this team will win the World Series. Enjoy my poor attempt at humor/sarcasm.

Opening Day 2019 is 278 days away at least.. :banghead:

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