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Kohl Stewart: An idea very few will like

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:42 AM
I felt bad for the kid. His major league career just hasn't started very well and it sure looked like a severe case of nerves. ...

Gonsalves Gets the Call

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:36 AM
He will be taking Erv's spot in the rotation and starting on Monday. Good luck!

Article: DET 7, MIN 5: Stewart Bombs Second Audition

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:35 AM
Kohl Stewart made his second big league start Saturday night at Target Field. It didn’t go so well. The lineup flexed its muscles, sockin...

Game Thread: Twins vs. Tigers 1:10pm cdt 8/19/2018 ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:31 AM
Waiting around to march in a parade, i see a lack of game thread... So for old time's sake: Things to think about. 1. Winning. Don't alwa...

Article: Twins Minor League Report (8/18): Saturday In Th...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 11:06 AM
It was a very busy Saturday. The Vikings played. The Twins honored Jack Morris pre-game and played the Tigers. All six Twins stateside af...

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Minnesota Blah – Tribulations and Tears

Posted by markroehl , 04 October 2017 · 1,412 views

Community Blog Post
Copied from my blog: https://takesallkinds.wordpress.com/ which has embeds and such.

While watching the Twins invariably blow their 3-0 first inning lead to the Yankees yesterday, it got me thinking of how horrible it is to be a Minnesota sports fan. As I’m sure you know, the majority of sports fandom is based on where you’re from. A person who grew u...


Minnesota Memories – Twins Edition

Posted by markroehl , 05 November 2012 · 193 views

Community Blog Post
Recently, my parents dropped a large box of old stuff they had been saving. This ranged from congratulations cards from when I was born, to athletic accomplishments to nearly every report card I've ever gotten (I've sorted the report cards, but I'm a little scared to go through them in detail). Two of my favorite items are ticket stubs from some of my fav...


Anthony Swarzak, Cheer Up!!!

Posted by markroehl , 22 May 2012 · 52 views

Community Blog Post


Why Booing Mauer is Fruitless

Posted by markroehl , 10 May 2012 · 83 views

Community Blog Post


If Jamie Moyer Were a Twin....

Posted by markroehl , 08 May 2012 · 70 views

Community Blog Post