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A Chat With Trey Cabbage

Posted by Travis M , 31 March 2018 · 1,053 views

A Chat With Trey Cabbage For the Minnesota Twins 4th round pick in the 2015 Amateur Draft, they selected Trey Cabbage. Since Trey was drafted, he has been hitting .229/.305/.325 for the GCL Twins, Elizabethton Twins, and the Cedar Rapids Kernels. I had a chance to speak to Trey via. Instagram.

Me: What has been your favorite memory in the Twins organization?

Trey: Obviously draft day was surreal, but not one thing sticks out. The camaraderie and just the time spend and the grind you have with your boys and teammates, those are the special times.

Me: What were your thoughts going in to draft night?

Trey: Honestly I didn’t know what to expect because it hadn’t really set in that my name might be called and I stayed up and watched and didn’t hear my name on the first day, which was hard, but when I actually did hear my name my dad and I just kind of sat there and laughed thinking, “wow this is actually happening.”

Me: Who was one of your favorite players growing up?

Trey: Chipper Jones and Todd Helton. Those guys were heroes to me lol.

Me: If you are not on a baseball field, what are things that interest you?

Trey: I love lifting and working out so that’s high in the list. Other than that, I’d say something outdoors. I love to fish and hike. I’d like to get into hunting but I just never put time into trying it.

Me: Ok, what do you fish? Salt or fresh?

Trey: Yes haha. Anything I can. I don’t have a saltwater rod personally because I’m rarely around it, so mainly fresh.

Me: What is your personal best fish?

Trey: I’d have to say probably right at 5lb. I’d like to lie to you and tell you 7 or 8, but I seem to catch all the little guys in the ponds lol.

Me: I agree, the fresh water fishing areas around Ft. Myers and Cape Coral aren't that great for catching bass.

Trey: I’ve actually had more luck at the ponds behind our complex in FM.

Me: Really? Near the outfield or 1st base line?

Trey: Both, and the back pond.

Me: Where are your favorite places to eat at?

Trey: Skip One in Fort Myers, Ginza in Fort Myers. Places other than FM, Qdoba, Olive Garden, Chick fil A, Cheddar's. There's more, definitely, because i'm a food lover haha.

I would like to thank Trey for answering these questions and I wish you luck on your way to the big leagues!

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