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A Chat with Travis Blankenhorn

Posted by Travis M , 28 March 2018 · 2,273 views

travis blankenhorn twins fort myers miracle prospect interview
A Chat with Travis Blankenhorn Travis Blankenhorn was drafted in the 3rd round in the 2015 MLB Draft out of Pottsville Area High School in Pennsylvania when he was 18. Blankenhorn has escalated to now be one of the top third baseman in the Twins farm system, with a career .260/.340/.463 slash line that will improve as he gets older and moves through the system. I got a chance to ask Travis a few questions via Instagram.

Me: What is your favorite baseball memory with the Minnesota Twins organization so far?

Travis Blankenhorn: Prob when I stole home when we were fighting for a playoff spot.

Me: What are some exercise, workouts, or diets that you use to keep in shape while on the off-season?

Travis Blankenhorn: I just use my trainers plan all off-season and try to stick to eat clean foods and trying to limit the junk foods.

Me: What makes you strive to do your best and get better every day?

Travis Blankenhorn: The end goal of trying to make it all the way to the majors.

Me: If you were not playing baseball, what do you think would be your occupation?

Travis Blankenhorn: I’d still be a college student somewhere.

Me: Who is the most influential person in your life?

Travis Blankenhorn: I would say both my parents, just how much they did for me to get to where I am today.

It looks like Travis will be starting in Fort Myers this year and will hopefully tear it up on the Miracle’s and beyond! I would like to thank Travis for taking his time to get interviewed and I wish him luck on his way to the big leagues.

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