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Slow Moving Market?

Posted by JaceJames17 , 10 February 2018 · 450 views

Being like most of the people who will read this blog, you are probably a Twins fan like me. I mean why else would be reading a blog about the Minnesota Twins if you were not. Friends of mine who like baseball and know that I am fan, ask me why is this off-season has been so slow. Well I gave them all the same answer that once the top players, (Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta, J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer...), sign contracts, the rest / majority of the signings will fall into place. Here is what my real thoughts are on the subject are.
It has not really been as slow as it may seem. There was Miami who has made 4 trades, 3 of which were in the first 3 weeks of December. There have been a lot of relievers who have come off the board, again most had signed before the calendar changed to 2018. The Angels have revamped most of their infield and won the Ohtani sweepstakes already. It just happened really early in the offseason, not so much in 2018. Even all of the Twins pitching signings was in 2017 this offseason, except for Addison Reed in Mid January.
The thing that gets the baseball fan going is their team signing the big free agents or making a trade for the big name. But the Yankees & Dodgers are committed to staying below the salary cap and made their trades already. The Mets, who are literally in the same market as the Yankees, are making smaller signings because they are reducing payroll and being more analytical when it comes to signing bigger deals. They have a good rotation if they can stay healthy. So if you eliminate 3 of the teams that are going to be signing players to big money, why would the Red Sox go out and sign J.D. Martinez to a big deal. Why would they bid against themselves when they already have 3 outfielders who are more athletic defensively? I know they need a DH, but Martinez is no David Ortiz.
So if you eliminate the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Angels & Dodgers from signing players to bigger deals; that leaves 25 other teams that are available. Well, let’s make that 24 because Miami is not going to be doing any big signings. The 2018 – 2019 off season as we all know will be a big off season for signings. We all know the names that are available (Harper, Machado, Donaldson, Keuchel, potentially Kershaw…). If some the remaining teams are looking to go big next year, why would they spend money this year on players not as talented (Darvish, Arrieta, Martinez)? Now I am not saying they are not talented, just if you have the choice between Darvish/Arrieta or Keuchel/Kershaw; I think most of us would probably lean towards Keuchel/Kershaw.
So you are asking yourself, what does this have to do with the Twins? Well, many of us who follow the off-season know the Twins have been in on Darvish since the beginning of the off-season and Twins Leadership/Ownership have said Darvish is their priority. But where I have been thinking differently than the Twins is while you are waiting for Darvish to sign, why not try to sign Arrieta and Lance Lynn/Alex Cobb right now? Why not sign a combination of Arrieta/Lynn or Arrieta/Cobb or Lynn/Cobb now. Why not offer Arrieta a $110 million 5 year contract with an option to leave after the first (or any) year to test the market again? Front load the contract so he makes $30 million this year and then decrease the value over the remainder of the contract (30,25,20,15,10). Sign Cobb/Lynn now to a 4 year, 80 million deal with an opt out after 2 years (25,20,20,15). If Darvish then signs, you have 3 excellent starters to be matched up with Santana/Berrios.
But we all know the Twins will not spend that kind of money in the off-season, but if you get Arrieta/Cobb/Lynn, they can pull the contract for Darvish. Still 2 of the 3 names paired with Santana/Berrios would make the Twins a contender in the Central with Cleveland looking at a potential backslide this year with some questions that their line-up has.