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Franchise hitting records - the Mauer/Dozier edition

Posted by mikelink45 , 23 February 2018 · 1,486 views

joe mauer brian dozier hitting twins senators
Franchise hitting records - the Mauer/Dozier edition Joe Mauer has been with us a long time and it shows – he is currently number 9 all time right behind Hrbek (16 games difference). Joe has 1731 and if he plays 125 games this year 74 games will tie him with Mickey Vernon for sixth place on the Franchise list and he needs 136 to tie Ozzie Bluege for 5th. In case you wonder – Harmon Killebrew is number one with 2329 ahead of Sam Rice. And if you wonder who is next on the list – Brian Dozier 851.

Mauer has the most hits of any current Twin with 1986 (#8 on franchise list) which means we should have a 2000 hit celebration this spring – but problem not 3000 any time soon. The Franchise leader is Sam Rice with 2889 and Kirby Puckett is second with 2304 – just a reminder of how good he was. Rod Carew is 5th with 2085 because of Calvin Griffith big mouth and racial insult or he could have made number one since he has 3053 for his career. If Joe matches last years 160 he will have 2054 and pass Killebrew and be right behind Carew for 6th. Dozier is 42nd with 835 and right behind Greg Gagne. If Brian matches his 167 hits he will be at 1002 hits and we can have another celebration in the fall. That would put him right behind Roy Smalley for number 34.
Mauer had 36 doubles last year which put him 4th all time in franchise doubles and if he matches last years total he will be in 2nd place behind Sam Rice and ahead of Judge and Puckett. In one more year he should challenge for number one if he continues his current pace. Dozier is in 34th place with 181 right behind Greg Gagne and matching last years total will put him 26th right behind Heinie Manush.

Home Runs is where Dozier in six years has far surpassed Mauer in his 14. Mauer is #14 between Cuddyer and Jacque Jones while Dozier is #12 just ahead of Cuddyer and behind Jim Lemon. Dozier has 151, Mauer 137, Mauer might pass Cuddyer, but no more than that next year while Dozier if he matches last year will pass Roy Sievers for #9 right behind Jim Lemon. Killebrew, Hrbek, Allison, Morneau, Oliva, Puckett, Gaetti make a nice recognizable -1 – 8 on the Homerun scale.

Mauer has 875 RBI’s which puts him behind Goose Goslin for number #9 and if he can match last years 71 he will move past Goslin and within one of Tony Oliva. Dozier fits in at number 34 again (with 439)b and if he matches last years 93 he will move to #25 behind Eddie Yost and pass Brunansky, Kubel, Jones, and Smalley from the Twins teams.

Batting average is difficult to predict because it is not an accumulating – counting stat. Joe Mauer has taken a plunge since his catching days. At 308 he is between Shane Mack and Brian Harper. Rod Carew is untouchable and is followed by Manush, Rice, Goslin, Puckett. Mauer’s best hope is to hold his position. Behind Harper are Cronin, Oliva, and Knoblauch.

In career OBP Mauer is tied with Chuck Knoblauch for fourth. Like BA this is not a counting stat so he could go up or down Rod Carew is tied with Buddy Myers for number one all time with 393 and Mauer is 391. In Between is John Stone who played only 5 of his 11 years with the this Franchise. The weakness of stats like this and all percentage stats is that the fewer the years the better chance you have to place high, but unfortunately we do not have anyone – including Dozier who would be in the top 50.

In slugging percentage Dozier returns to the list at number 19 (452) and Joe Mauer (443) is at 25. Killebrew is number one at 514 for his career – and that is really great. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Mauer that high and equally as surprised to see Dozier that low. If you are an OPS fan Mauer is at position 12 with 834. Killebrew is number one at 892. Dozier at 780 is just below Jacque Jones at 33.

Killebrew leads in total bases at 4026 and Mauer is 8 at 2856 with Mickey Vernon and Hrbek right about him. If he matches last year he will pass Oliva and take number 5 behind Judge, Puckett, Rice, and Killebrew. Nice list. Dozier is in position 35 with 1507 – if he matches last year he will jump to 23 right behind Michael Cuddyer.
Since there are so many complaints about Mauer grounding in to double plays I had to check that out. Killebrew is number 1 with 238 – Mauer is number 2 with 199. Killebrew played 21 years – Mauer 14. I guess there is some truth here. One more surprising negative stat – Killebrew as expected is first in strikeouts with 1629 and Mauer is fifth with 948 and sure to pass Kirby Puckett for fourth and Hunter for third this year. Killebrew – if we take his 21 years (disregard how much he played each year) averages 77 strikeouts per year – take note Sano. Joe for his 14 years averages 67. Miguel Sano in just three years makes the top 50 – he ranks #30 behind Larry Hisle who had twice as many at bats, Guzma, etc. With an average year, which means not playing 162 games, he will move in to the range of 15 – Greg Gagne. Dozier is number 11 on the list and his Strike out rate should bring him up with Gary Gaetti at number 6.

And finally, back to the positive, Mauer is 3rd in WAR behind Carew and Killebrew.

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Sano is also already top 50 in franchise homeruns hit as well.
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Sano is also already top 50 in franchise homeruns hit as well.

The question for him is whether he will commit to himself - get some conditioning, lose some weight, avoid injuries, learn the strike zone.If he does he can challenge Killebrew, but if he doesn't the chances are he will flame out like the Panda and Prince Fielder.